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  • 950 CFM 4BBL throttle body fuel injection for 250-600 horsepower V8 engines
  • 4150 style 4BBL mounting flange - Bolts on in place of a carburetor
  • Easy to install - No computer experience required - Hand-held tuner included - Simple multiple choice set-up wizard
  • Self-tunes while you drive
  • Upgradable to complete laptop control without buying another ECU
  • Kits available with additional 4L60E/4L80E transmission control capabilities
  • Master kits available with complete fuel system including fuel pump, filters, 40ft. of hose, billet regulator, and fittings - A complete carb-to-EFI conversion kit in a single box
  • Available in tumble polished and Hard Core Gray™ finishes
  • Carburetor replacement EFI from the fuel systems experts!

Perfect for Street Machines, Off Road Vehicles, Trucks, RVs & Weekend Racers!


  1. Serviceable sensors integrated into throttle body and pre-wired for simple hookup
  2. Exclusive CFD computer modeled air entry area delivers maximum velocity and accelerated air speed
  3. Patent Pending annular discharge fuel ring for optimum fuel atomization - plus no air restrictions or delay in fuel flow like booster designs

From NASCAR® to Your Car!

The same throttle body air entry area design that powers every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™ car!


  • 4-barrel carburetor to fuel injection conversion kits for 250-600 HP V8 engines
  • No laptop required
  • Fits any square (Holley 4150™) flanged intake
  • Self-tunes while you drive
  • 950 CFM Throttle Body with CFD computer designed venturi taken from Holley’s NASCAR® throttle body
  • 80 lb/hr injectors (@ 43 PSI)
  • Connections for Ford, GM TH350 and 700R4, and other transmission linkages
  • Provides ignition timing control on engines with GM Computer-Controlled Small Cap HEI and Ford TFI distributors (requires adapter)
  • Self-tunes to deliver the perfect air/fuel mixture in real time for optimized fuel economy and power
  • Virtually maintenance free - keeps your vehicle reliable and ready to drive
  • Patent pending annular discharge fuel ring for maximum flow and optimum fuel atomization - No restrictions or delay in fuel flow like booster designs
  • Trouble-free performance with today’s fuels –eliminate vapor lock and fuel varnish problems
  • Serviceable sensors integrated into throttle body and pre-wired for a simple one-click connection - don’t get stranded by competitive designs
  • ECU fully potted and sealed for protection from vibration, dust and moisture
  • Terminator ECU can be EASILY updated to Holley “HP” ECU specs with a free online software download.
  • ECU can then be used for LSX, boosted, nitrous, and many other applications in the future as you desire!
  • Trouble-free performance with today’s fuels - put an end to vapor lock and fuel varnish problems!
  • Industry leading tech support - free!

Available in Tumble Polished and Hard Core Gray™ finishes.

Compare The Facts

If you are going to spend the money to update your ride to EFI, spend it on a system that can grow with you in the future. Whether you stick a turbocharged LSX engine between your frame rails, or put nitrous on your big block, the Terminator™ ECU can grow with you, unlike the competition where you are stuck with an entry level ECU.

ECU Comparison Terminator Atomic Fast EZ
Laptop required No No No
Timing Control Yes Yes No
Required connections 10 8 16
Can be laptop accessed for expanded tuning options Yes No No
Can control LSx engines* Yes No No
Can control turbo or supercharged engines* Yes Yes No
Nitrous controls* Yes Yes No
Internal data-logging and many other features* Yes No No
20+ years EFI design experience Yes No No
Designed to grow with your combination as it changes Yes No No
Most advanced electronics - quicker tuning, better drivability and expandable options for advanced users Yes No No
Throttle Body Comparison Terminator Atomic Fast EZ
Free flowing (non-restrictive) throttle body air entry Yes No Yes
Readily available, serviceable, OEM type sensors Yes No Yes
Integrated lever provisions for Ford C4/6 and 200/700r4 kick down Yes No No
Nascar® inspired, CFD designed air entries & distinctive hard core styling Yes No No
Multiple finishes available (hard core gray and tumble polished) Yes No No
Patent pending "annular fuel rings" eliminate "dripping" Yes No No
Hardware Comparison Terminator Atomic Fast EZ
Optional AN fuel plumbing Yes No Yes
Widest selection of fuel pump and plumbing kits Yes No No
Programmer Comparison Terminator Atomic Fast EZ
Full color graphic display Yes No No
Compact design Yes No No
Advanced tuning capability thru handheld Yes No No
Timing control thru handheld Yes Yes No
Miscellaneous Features Terminator Atomic Fast EZ
EFI throttle body supplier to NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™ teams Yes No No
A leader in EFI systems, fuel pumps and plumbing Yes No No
Typical installation time 6-8 hrs 6-8 hrs 6-8 hrs
Optional gauges available Yes No No
Optional full color 5.7" Touchscreen available Yes No No

*With Laptop

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"We chose the Terminator EFI for our ’65 GTO project for its easy start-up, reliability and forget about it approach to driving the car. Now you just get in and go just like a new car!"

-Jesse Greening

2 Time Riddler Award Winning Car Builder

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Terminator EFI 4bbl TBI Kits

4-barrel carburetor to fuel injection conversion kits for V8 engines. No laptop required. Simply bolt it on, feed it a few basic answers and let Terminator EFI take control of your ride!