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How to Identify Early vs Late DI Fuel Rail Pressure Sensors

  1. Proper sensor identification is critical when selecting any EFI system -
  2. There are two different fuel pressure sensors that GM uses with the Gen V LTx engines. Depending on which one your engine has will determine which kit/harness is required. The Sensor is mounted to the back of the driver side fuel rail (as shown below). Compare your sensor to the pictures above to determine if you have an early or late sensor.

Terminator X and X Max Features and Benefits

  • Plug and play GM Gen V LT engine control including GDI and VVT support.
  • Ideal for swapping late model GM Gen V LT engines into vintage vehicles
  • 3.5” handheld gets your engine running in no time with a step-by-step calibration wizard.
  • GM LS and LT Drive-by Wire Throttle Body Control (Terminator X Max Only)
  • GM 4L60 and 4L80 Transmission Control (Terminator X Max Only)
  • Included engine harness plugs directly into the factory LT DI injector sub harness.
  • OEM Injectors supported, with part numbers provided in the handheld wizard, or software.
  • Genuine Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Control (Will not work with LSU 4.2 Oxygen Sensors)
  • On-Board Diagnostic LEDS for: ECU Power – Engine Run – Wideband Status – TPS Calibration – Crank Signal – Cam Signal – VVT Status – Pump Control – and DI Injectors. Allowing you to identify any Critical engine issues at a glance
  • Built in 1bar MAP Sensor, vacuum hose adapters included (1/8th – ¼ and 3/16ths) - or for Boosted applications, you can disable the internal MAP sensor, and utilize an external LT MAP Sensor, the harness comes with the connector terminated, making the installation a snap.
  • 4 Inputs – 12v, Ground, 5v, and Frequency, for things such as additional pressure sensors, or activation triggers for nitrous activation, or a trans brake (Fuel and Oil Pressure Inputs are pre-terminated)
  • 4 Outputs – Ground, PWM - , for accessories such as; fans, boost control, nitrous control, IAC Kit, and More
  • Boost Control – Boost vs Time, Boost vs Gear, Boost vs RPM, Boost vs Speed, Boost Safeties
  • Nitrous Control – Single Channel of Wet or Dry, Progressive or Non-Progressive, Rich/Lean Safeties, and target Closed Loop AFR
  • Integrated data logging to the 3.5” Handheld SD Card
  • Free EFI Tuning Software for complete control of your Terminator X power plant

Terminator X Max ECU Connections

  • J1A - Main Harness Connector - This connector is primarily an “Input” connector. It contains all the sensor inputs and wide band oxygen sensor control.
  • J1B - Main Harness Connector - The second connector is the “J1B” connector (26 pin). This connector is the “output” connector. It has 8 injector outputs and outputs for other devices.
  • MAP Sensor - used on N/A applications, connect directly to right manifold vacuum port on the intake manifold.
  • Main Power - Connects to the Main Power Harness, these two wires MUST be wired directly to the Battery Terminals.
  • J3 - Connection point for the Drive-By-Wire harness.
  • J4 - Connection point for the Transmission harness.

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