Features and Benefits

  • Plug and play LS engine control
  • GM Drive-by Wire throttle body control
  • GM Transmission Control (4L60/4L80)
  • Genuine Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Control (Will not work with LSU 4.2 Oxygen Sensors)
  • On-Board Diagnostic LEDS for: ECU Power – Engine Run – Wideband Status – TPS Calibration – Crank Signal – Cam Signal. Allow you to identify any Critical engine issues at a glance
  • MAP Sensor vacuum hose adapters (1/8th – ¼ and 3/16ths)
  • 4 Inputs – 12v, Ground, 5v, and Frequency, for things such as additional pressure sensors, or activation triggers for nitrous activation, or a trans brake (Fuel and Oil Pressure Inputs are pre-terminated)
  • 4 Outputs – Ground, PWM - , for accessories such as; fans, boost control, nitrous control, IAC Kit, and More
  • Boost Control – Boost vs Time, Boost vs Gear, Boost vs RPM, Boost vs Speed, Boost Safeties
  • Nitrous Control – Single Channel of Wet or Dry, Progressive or Non-Progressive, Rich/Lean Safeties, and target Closed Loop AFR
  • Advanced Tables – 4x 1D Tables, 1x 1D per Gear Table, 4x 2D Tables, 1x 2D per Gear Table
  • Integrated Datalogging to the 3.5” Handheld SD Card
  • Free EFI Tuning Software for complete control of your Terminator X power plant

The Ultimate LS Powertrain Management Solution

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Crank Reluctor
  • 24x
  • 58x
Terminator LS Options
  • Fuel, Spark, Drive-by-Wire
  • Fuel, Spark, Drive-by-Wire, Transmission
  • Fuel, Spark, Transmission
Injector Connector
  • Jetronic / Minitimer (Bosch)
  • Multec 2
  • USCAR (EV6)
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    Terminator X Max LS Kits

    Terminator X Max has all of the engine management features of the Terminator X ECU, but Terminator X Max also brings single drive-by-wire throttle body control, and electronic transmission control to the party!