Holley Low-Mount LS Accessory Drive Systems

LS Low-Mount Alternator & Power Steering Dimensions

LS Low Mount Air Conditioning Dimensions

  • Measure Your Damper to Determine if You Have a Short, Middle, or Long Pulley Alighnment
  • Choose the Appropriate Installation Kit for Your Pulley Alignment
  • Low Mount A/C Kits fit Short, Middle, or Long Accessory Spacing (Brackets Have Multiple Holes & Installation Procedure for Each Spacing)
  • Low Mount Alternator & Power Steering Kits fit Middle, or Long Accessory Spacing (installation Kit w/ Spacers are Required for Long Spacing)
  • If You have a Short Spacing & Want to use the Low Mount Alternator & Power Steering Kit - You Can Change Out the Damper & Water Pump Convert to Middle or Long Spacing
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  • Black
  • Cast
  • Natural
  • Nickel
  • Polished
  • Yellow
  • Zinc Plated
Product Type
  • A/C Adapters
  • A/C Compressor
  • Accessory Bracket
  • Accessory Drive Kits
  • Adapter/Extension
  • Alternator
  • Alternator Pulley
  • Hardware Kit
  • Pigtail Connector
  • Power Steering Pulley
  • Power Steering Pump
  • Pulley
  • Water Pump
  • GM LSA
  • GM Small Block Gen III/IV
  • GM Small Block Gen III/IV (LS Based)
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    LOW-MOUNT Allows exceptional engine visibility when chassis clearance allows for lower mounting of the A/C compressor and alternator Available complete with accessories or cost effective brackets only for build your own A/C bracket works with all three LS crank pulley alignments Power steering/alternator bracket works with middle LS alignment as well as long LS belt spacing when using long spacer kit