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Our Favorite Flashcal+ Features

On-the-Fly Changes
Unlock the true potential of the Flashcal+ with its ability to immediately adjust changes. This includes popular features like sway bar disconnects, lockers, tire pressure monitor systems (for when you air down on the trail), and engine idle to assist with crawling
Tire Pressure Override
Still want your tire pressure monitoring to work but not throw a light when you're aired down? No problem! A new tire pressure warning threshold is only a click away
Customizable Daytime Running Lights
Take total control of your daytime lights and set your style
Tire Diameter Changes
Increasing the diameter of your tires can lead to the speedometer displaying an improper speed and alter the shift points of the transmission. Easily adjust for those new set of tires - from 25 to 40-inch overall diameters

Flashcal+ Wireless Calibrator

So, where’s the “plus” in Flashcal+? The combination of Flashcal+’s wireless dongle and app is every bit as powerful as the existing “F5” series Flashcal, but enhanced with the smooth interface of your smartphone’s touchscreen, freedom from running cables with a Bluetooth connection, and excellent on-the-fly controls and monitoring.

This means Flashcal+ (“Flashcal Plus”) for Wrangler JK 3.8L/3.6L, Wrangler JL 3.6L/2.0T, and Gladiator 3.6L is WIRELESS! Superchips is proud to announce that our newest generation of electronic calibrator is a powerful combination of smartphone app and Bluetooth dongle to tap into a vehicle’s OBD-II. Flashcal+ isn’t another device to make a quick change and toss back on the shelf. Our engineers have provided the exceptionally fast Quick Options Superchips devices are known for and acts as a live interface to your Jeep’s electronics for constant access to control and view data.


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Once installed, you can navigate our app as if it were installed in a vehicle and get a genuine feel for what’s in store. To get to Demo mode, let it search for a connected device for a few seconds, and it will notify you “No Flashcal+ device detected”. Then simply select I DON’T HAVE A DEVICE/DEMO MODE and you can browse through the app like it’s actually working.

Flashcal+'s All New Features

  • CRAWL Screen - While active, CRAWL functions as drivetrain’s command center with live, on-the-fly interface and no need to stop and reprogram the BCM, all through the touchscreen of your smartphone.
  • Tire Size Wizard - Using the GPS signal on the app’s host phone, the Tire Size Wizard can calculate tire rotations and “tell” the speedometer what value to use using the vehicle’s actual land speed.
  • Semi-Permanent Auto Start/Stop disable - For JL and Gladiator, Auto Start/Stop stays fully disabled, even after stopping the engine and restarting, as long as the dongle is connected.
  • Customizable live gauge display - FC+’s customizable virtual gauges lets you keep tabs on important data, create your own layouts, and even pick their display type.
  • Full Diagnostics - Use FC+ to read and clear trouble codes, and see explanations of each code with one click.
  • Integrated Info Screens - The small ‘i’ icon on every line can be tapped to display an informative description to quickly fill the user in on what each function is, and how it will affect your vehicle.

Bluetooth Enabled

Flashacal+ uses one small wireless module plugged into your vehicle's OBD-II port to make all of its changes. There are no wires to run, and you don't even have to pop the hood!

Important Notes:

  • 3.0 EcoDiesel and right-hand drive model Jeeps are not currently supported
  • Most adjustments FC+ applies to your Jeep do not require the dongle TO be left plugged in to remain as selected by the user
  • Auto Start/Stop disable requires the dongle to be left connected to keep the system off between key cycles
  • Settings entered in CRAWL only remain as entered with the dongle plugged in and FC+ App running.
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    Flashcal Plus Wireless Calibrator

    Flashcal+ (“Flashcal Plus”) combines a vehicle calibrator with live and on-the-fly controls, virtual gauges, and code scanner by way of a powerful smartphone app and Bluetooth OBD-II module!