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If you have a 2300 flange and are staying under 350 horsepower, the Sniper EFI 2300 is the system of choice for you. This flange is most commonly found on 60s era Fords and AMCs. This is also a bolt-on replacement for popular classic Holley Carburetors such as the 0-4412 or 0-7448.

This Sniper EFI system comes packed with two 100 lb/hr fuel injectors that will support up to 350 horsepower and a 2 bar MAP sensor that can read up to 14.7 psi of boost.

Sniper EFI 2300

  • Bolt on 2300 Flange Carburetor Replacement
  • Equipped with C4 / C6 Ford transmission kickdown lever as well as TH350, 400 and 700R4 provisions
  • Accepts many common 5 1/8" OEM or aftermarket air cleaner assemblies
  • Supports up to 350 horsepower with two 100 lb/hr injectors
  • Internal fuel pressure regulator eliminates the hassle of plumbing an external fuel pressure regulator (Preset to 58.5 PSI)
  • 2 bar MAP sensor allows up to 14.7 psi of boost
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