1974 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon - Project: Low Buck Long Roof: THE CHASSIS

By: Bill Tichenor | 03/15/2011 < Back to Motor Life Home
Frame On Rotisserie We took the liberty of separating the body from the frame. This allowed us to get the frame on the rotisserie and make it easier to blast and powdercoat. Powdercoated Frame and Accessories We used Superior Powdercoating out of Nashville, TN to coat the frame and the other brackets, suspension parts, etc. After we took inventory of everything it was time to get started on the reassembly. Powdercoated Accessories Cont. We wanted everything going back on the car to look like new so we powdercoated everything! Rear End Mounted, Lines Ran... After our powder–coated parts returned from Nashville, it was time to reassemble the frame. Pictured here you see the Moser 9'' rear end mounted to the underside of the frame, along with a Detroit Speed rear sway bar. We also began running the lines for the fuel system at this time.

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