Sniper 2 Is Now More Affordable Than Ever!


Sniper 2 Is Now More Affordable Than Ever!


It’s no secret that Sniper EFI is the painless way to retrofit a modern fuel injection system into a formerly carbureted setup. Packaged to occupy roughly the same amount on top of the intake manifold, the system is also designed to allow builders to retain the period-correct look while providing all the benefits of electronically controlled fuel delivery.

Launched last year, the second-generation Sniper system is much more than a restyled version of existing hardware. Building on customer feedback and engineering advances since the debut of the original system, Sniper 2 takes the concept to the next level.

“It’s an all-new system, built from the ground up,” says Matthew Lunsford of Holley Performance. “And there are fundamental changes that have been implemented as a result of what we’ve learned with Sniper 1. For example, the throttle position sensor and fuel crossover are now integrated into the throttle body itself, and the ECU is now mounted on the side of the throttle body. We’ve also significantly improved the throttle linkage design, which in turn improves pedal feel for the driver. It also has integrated kickdowns for Ford and GM transmissions. Ultimately, the feedback we received on Sniper 1 really directed our focus for Sniper 2.”

Now, thanks to new pricing, Holley has just put this groundbreaking system within reach of more people than ever before. The price of the Bluetooth Sniper 1 to Sniper 2 upgrade kit has dropped to less than $1000 for the first time ever, starting at a low $969.95. And prices for the standalone Sniper 2 kit start at a hard-to-resist $1169.95 for the Bluetooth version.

The secret is in Holley’s intelligent use of technology to add features and functionality while at the same time reducing cost. As we noted in our recent deep dive article, one of the most important aspects of the Sniper system is its modularity. This design approach not only allows Sniper 2 to be more seamlessly integrated into the larger Holley ecosystem, it also provides the flexibility to configure the system to the specific needs of each project and use-case. While that technological sophistication might seem like an added expense at first glance, the result of this development effort is actually quite the opposite.

Choose Your Interface

One of the core benefits of Sniper 2’s modular design is the ability to mix and match different features to customize the system to the needs of a given application. That customization starts with the way you interact with the system. “The majority of the configuration options focus on two elements – the fuel system of the vehicle, and the user interface," Lunsford tells us. “And the interfaces we now offer are the 3.5-inch touchscreen display, the 5-inch touchscreen display, and the Bluetooth module.”

The Bluetooth module’s recent rollout allows users to configure and tune the Sniper 2 system using the Holley Sniper EFI app on an iOS or Android smartphone. “With this module and app, your smartphone can do any of the functions that the handheld displays can do,” he explains. “You can run the setup wizard, monitor data, make tune changes – all of it. It also gives you the ability to use your phone as a real-time monitor if you want to.”

While the Bluetooth module can be added to an existing Sniper 2 installation, these systems can now be configured to include this module instead of the previously-standard 3.5-inch handheld display, if preferred.

“For a new install, this is the least expensive way to get into Sniper 2,” Lunsford points out. “Configured with the Bluetooth module, the Sniper 2’s price point comes in at $1169.95. The cool thing about this is that you get the convenience of being able to interact with the Sniper system using a device that you likely already have with you all the time, and it also keeps the barrier to entry as low as possible. With that said, some folks prefer to have a dedicated display, so we wanted to continue to offer that as an option. It’s really about giving users the ability to choose what works best for them.”

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A 5-inch touchscreen can also be bundled with the Sniper 2 system instead of the 3.5-inch handheld or the Bluetooth module, and this larger display offers benefits that go beyond its generous screen real estate. “This 5-inch display uses an updated user interface and a higher resolution screen that’s nearly 50% larger than the 3.5-inch display,” explains Lunsford. “It also features an integrated GPS-based speedometer. With the sharper graphics and the new interface, it feels like a more modern experience than what you would have with the 3.5-inch display.” The 5-inch display also includes suction cup mounts to make real-time monitoring as straightforward as possible.

“There’s more of an expectation of using the 5-inch display on a windshield or a dashboard,” Lunsford says. “It’s big enough that you could read it at a glance, whereas that would be tougher with the 3.5-inch display because of its size. And like the other interfaces we offer, you only need one of them – you don’t need a 3.5-inch display and a 5-inch display, for example. The 5-inch display will do everything that the smartphone app and the 3.5-inch display will do. Using the configurator to get the interface you prefer not only tailors the system to your liking, it can also effectively reduce the overall cost of the system.”

In addition to these options, Holley also offers a CAN-to-USB communication interface. This dongle allows users to connect a laptop directly to the ECU and make real-time tuning changes using the Sniper 2 EFI software that’s available free-of-charge in the Support section of the Sniper 2 EFI website.

The “Easy Button” For Wiring

The Sniper 2 online configurator also provides the option to add a Power Distribution Module (PDM) to the mix. This module is specific to the Sniper 2 system, and it can be used with any of the interfaces we’ve discussed here. “The PDM makes wiring everything a breeze,” Lunsford says. “You connect power and ground to the PDM from the battery, and you provide the PDM with one switched 12-volt. Beyond that, all your other devices wire directly to the PDM – the Sniper 2 wiring, your ignition system-related wiring, fuel pump wiring, and cooling fan wiring. It’s a very easy and elegant way to make the wiring less convoluted and much easier to troubleshoot.”

The fused Power Distribution Module features LEDs that indicate whether a circuit is on or off. “It’s a very useful piece of hardware, and it makes the wiring aspect of this installation far less intimidating for folks that might not do this every day,” he adds.

Dialed to Your Fuel System

As Lunsford mentioned earlier, the fuel system is the other major aspect of the Sniper 2 configurator. While it primarily provides a variety of options for builders who need to get their vehicle’s fuel system ready for the switch to EFI, this section will also be of particular interest to those who’re looking to upgrade from an existing Sniper 1 installation to a Sniper 2 system.

“If you have a Sniper 1 system installed and you want to gain the benefits of a Sniper 2 system, making the switch is both simple and affordable,” says Lunsford. “By using a Sniper 1 to Sniper 2 adapter harness, you can use the Sniper 1 harness that’s already installed in your vehicle with the new system. This method is actually the least expensive way to get into a Sniper 2.”

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And for folks making the switch from carburation to EFI with Sniper 2, the configurator offers plenty of options to ensure that your vehicle’s fuel system is up to snuff. “The ‘Not Included’ option is for builders who already have an EFI-ready fuel system in their vehicle or plan to design their own system,” he says. “Then we have the Sniper 2 Master Kit, which is a similar concept to the previous Sniper 1 Master Kit. This kit includes an in-line fuel pump that would go on a frame rail and gravity-feed into it from a fuel tank. With that setup you’d use the included regulator and a return line.”

Several different drop-in modules are also available. The returnless Universal Fuel Tank Module consists of an assembled low-profile pump that’s designed to be installed into existing fuel tanks that range from seven to 12 inches in depth. The preset, internally-regulated module only requires a single feed line to the Sniper 2 throttle body. The return style Universal Fuel Tank Module utilizes a similar design, but it’s intended to be used with the included external fuel pressure regulator and return line.

“Combined with the choice of shiny or black throttle body finish, there are potentially 48 different configurations of the Sniper 2 system,” Lunsford says. “You can have the most trick returnless setup you could want with the Bluetooth module and the PDM, or you can just get the Sniper 2 system itself if that’s what you prefer. The online configurator makes it simple to get exactly what you want.”

It’s also worth noting that companion products such as the Hyperspark ignition box, Sniper Transmission Controller, and Holley Pro Dash are designed for seamless integration with the Sniper 2 system as well. “While they aren’t part of the Sniper 2 configurator, once you add the Sniper 2 system to your cart, the next page will show you these compatible products,” Lunsford notes. “Although it’s not going to all be included in one part number, the site is designed to walk you through the steps so there’s no guesswork involved.”

Whichever combination you choose, you can be certain you’re getting the most powerful EFI conversion available, as well as the easiest to install, tune, and configure. Best of all, this proven system is within reach of practically everyone now, thanks to new prices that make Sniper 2 kits more affordable than ever.

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