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For customers who are considering designing a custom exhaust system for their vehicle, we have listed some of the basic things to keep in mind when designing a true dual system. Most of these points can also be applied to a single system.

1. Header Collector Ball Flange Kits: Replaces 3-bolt flanges with a leak free, gasketless connection and improves ground clearance.
2. Balance Pipe (H-pipe and Scavenger Pipe): Balances the pressure of the exhaust pulses between the cylinder banks. This results in an increase in power, torque, and additional sound reduction. Can also reduce the drone associated with a non-balanced system. Scavenger X pipes can help improve torque by increasing the pulse velocity at lower RPM.
3. Pipe Size: The correct pipe size can have a dramatic effect on the overall sound control and performance of the exhaust system. Too small of a size will cause restrictions; too big of a size will slow down the velocity of the pulses in the system and cause a loss in torque.
4. Muffler Selection: When selecting a muffler, take into consideration the engine size, the power level, pipe size, use of the vehicle, style of exhaust system, and desired sound level. Contact our tech line for assistance in selecting the proper muffler. Our kits often use mufflers specifically designed for that application.
5. System Hangers: Adequate hangers should be used to properly support the system.
6. Resonators: Resonators help fine tune a system when the overall sound level may be too high. Resonators help eliminate the frequencies that drone inside a vehicle.
7. Stainless Tips / Exit Location: Stainless tips allow the enthusiast to personalize the appearance of the exhaust system. Many of our dual out truck systems allow for two different exit locations.
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