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    Hays Twister Torque Converters

    Hays Twister Full Race Torque Converters

    Designed specifically for blown, nitrous, and turbocharged trans-brake applications and strong enough to withstand the punishment of 1000-horsepower engines, they're available in four different stall-speed ranges: 2400-2800, 2800-3200, 3200-3600, and 3600-4200. They're internally welded (not brazed) for longer life and greater consistency and, in select areas, spray-welded. Heavy-duty Torrington bearings and carefully selected stators with high-flow vents and channels promote cooling, a custom-designed anti-balloon plate prevents converter swelling, and each one is inspected during every step of assembly and hand-built.

    Hays Twister 3/4 Race Performance Torque Converters

    Ideal for street/strip applications. Multiple stall speeds are available to accommodate virtually any combination of engine modifications, including higher compression ratios, aftermarket camshafts, aftermarket cylinder heads, and lower gear ratios. Built, tested, and track-proven to support up to 650 horsepower, each Twister torque converter is hand-built and inspected during to ensure top quality. They are offered for GM, Ford, and Chrysler and available in various stall speeds to suit countless applications. State-of-the-art Spray Welding techniques are used in select areas for clean, strong, and consistent fusion, which also builds strength through hardening from higher process temperatures. Each torque converter is internally welded – not brazed – and heavy-duty Torrington bearings are employed for maximum strength and durability. Stators with high-flow vents and channels promote cooling in heat-producing high-horsepower applications.

    Why do I need a B&M torque converter?

    Higher Stall & Higher Torque

    The reason for considering a B&M Torque Converter boils down to performance. Higher stall speed is the key. A higher stall converter allows the vehicle to accelerate better from a dead stop and may provide tire-smoking performance.
    B&M offers a wide range of performance torque converters to fit almost every need. All B&M converters are precision engineered, spin balanced and pressure tested. The B&M environmental drivetrain development lab is a key tool used in the development of every converter designed by the engineering staff. Precision engineered, tested and the success at the track provides proof that B&M Torque Converters are the finest you can buy.

    Torque Converters

    Choose a performance torque converter from B&M or Hays. We offer a variety RPM stall speeds to fit your needs. B&M and Hays torque converters have you covered for your street, track, or off-road adventures.