Traveler Torque Converters

B&M Traveler torque converters are an excellent choice for stock vehicles, vehicles with light performance modifications, tow vehicles and RV's. The additional stall of the Traveler converter makes acceleration much crisper, easier for towing and just fun to drive. B&M Traveler converters are fully balanced and pressure tested by expert technicians and are manufactured to B&M's exacting tolerances for long service life.

Traveler Features:

Traveler™ Series

Ideal For Motor Homes and Towing Applications

The Traveler converter is intended for use in motorhomes, tow vehicles or other heavy duty applications where a slightly higher stall speed is helpful in getting the vehicle moving. The Traveler is also stronger than a stock converter and has been internally modified to provide about 300 rpm more stall speed for help in initial acceleration without sacrificing normal highway operation. It is manufactured to B&M’s exacting tolerances for long life. 1. Fully furnace brazed fins in both the impeller & turbine (not spot brazed)
2. New precision alloy pump drive tube
3. Heavy duty needle thrust bearings between stator & turbine (not a thrust washer)
4. New thrust washer between turbine & cover
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Bolt Circle Diameter (in)
  • 10.75
  • 11.5
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  • Provides slightly higher stall speed than stock to improve pulling power at low speeds
  • New precision pump drive tube
  • Heavy duty needle bearings
  • Furnace brazed
  • New sprag & rollers in stator
  • Pressure tested.
  • Fully balanced