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  • Digital performance at an analog price
  • Direct replacement for a MSD 6A ignition box
  • Comes complete with a magnetic pick up extension, diode, cable clamps, wire connectors, wire ties, and all the necessary hardware for a fast, easy installation
  • Lightweight extruded aluminum housing for maximum heat transfer

MSD Ignition offers complete ignition systems for a variety of applications.

How To Choose A Street Ignition

How To Choose A Drag Race Ignition

How To Choose A Circle Track Ignition


  • Quick Starts
  • Increased Power
  • Smooth Idle
  • Crisp Throttle Response
  • Reduced Spark Plug Fouling

An MSD 6A Ignition will improve the overall performance of your engine thanks to its high output capacitive discharge sparks. Below 3,000 rpm the ignition delivers multiple sparks that will clean up the idle, improve starting and throttle response. Step up to the 6AL to have an engine saving rev limiter.

2-Step Rev Control for Digital 6AL PN 8732

The new 2-Step is digitally controlled and connects to the Digital 6AL's gray tach output wire. There are two easy to read rotary dials that let you set the launch rpm in 100 rpm increments. There is an activation wire that connects to the transbrake, a clutch switch or to the line-lock to activate the low rpm limit. When that switch is released, the low rpm limit is turned off and the car launches hard!

The Digital 6A and 6AL Ignitions incorporate a secure and sealed connector for all of the wiring. This design routes the wiring out of one side of the ignition making wiring your engine easier and looks great.

Tech & Support

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  • Earl's
  • Holley Sniper EFI
  • Mallory
  • MSD
  • Pro Mag
  • Street Fire
Product Type
  • 6-BTM Boost Timing Master
  • 6AL-2 Ignition Control Box
  • 6EFI Ignition
  • Accessory
  • Back Pressure Plumbing Kit
  • Choke Components
  • Coil Bracket
  • Coil Current Booster for Ford C-O-P
  • Connector
  • Controller
  • Digital 6 Offroad Ignition Box
  • Digital 6-Plus Ignition Control Box
  • Digital 6A Ignition Control Box
  • Digital 6AL Ignition Control Box
  • Digital 6AL Ignition Control Box w/Rev Control
  • Digital Programmable 6AL-2
  • DIS Ignition Kit
  • Distributor
  • Extension Harness
  • Harness
  • HyFire Ignition Box
  • Ignition
  • Ignition and Electrical Components
  • Ignition Box
  • Ignition Boxes
  • Ignition Bracket
  • Ignition Kit
  • Interface Block
  • Kits
  • LS Ignition Control Box
  • Magneto
  • Module
  • Modules
  • NTK O2 Sensor
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Power Grid
  • Power Grid Controller
  • Replacement Harness
  • RPM Control
  • RPM Modules
  • Shift Light
  • Switch
  • Sync Kit
  • Test Tool
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    Digital performance at an analog price