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Racepak - SmartWire

125 Amps - 30 Outputs - 1 Box.

The Racepak SmartWire is the easiest way to wire any vehicle while adding modern electronic features and functions. Based on Racepak's exclusive single cable V-Net technology, the Racepak Smartwire module is the electronic "starting point", with a direct main power connection from the vehicle battery to the module. Each input or output is fully user-definable including; function, power requirements and current exceeding limits, via a USB connection to user's PC. The included Datalink II programming software is free to download at any time. The design of the module functions to both reduce overall installation weight and wiring clutter, while providing a quicker reacting electronic system, through the solid state switching design.
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    Racepak Street Smartwire Overview

    Complete control of your electrical system.

    • Output Protection: User definable over current limits. Internal short circuit and/or thermal overload (non definable)
    • Min/Max Power Supply: 8-20 Volts
    • Operating Power Supply: 12-16 volt automotive applications
    • 8 Channels @ 20 Amps Maximum for high amperage applications such as electric fuel pumps or starter solenoids.
    • 22 Channels @ 10 Amps Maximum for low amperage applications such as head lights, turn signals, or small cooling fans.
    • 12 Hardwired Switched Inputs - Voltage triggered >2.7V or Ground Triggered <2.5V

    Built-in Protection - Save your Electronics!

    • 8 Channel Key Pad, with soft touch buttons.
    • 8 Channel Switch Panel, the traditional toggle switch, but stack-able with the SmartWire.
    • 16 Channel Switch Module, allowing you to terminate pre-existing switches, with ease, to any SmartWire installation.

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