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The Pro-Mag delivers unequalled power with the most accurate triggering and timing control in the business!


  • The Pro-Mag is the only maintenance-free magneto available.
  • The Generator never needs to be recharged.
  • The Magnetic Pickup never needs adjustment.
  • Batteries never need to be replaced like traditional magnetos.
  • The Pro-Mag allows you the option of running timing controls.
  • You can also utilize a crank trigger for the utmost in timing accuracy.

Take a walk through the pits at any professional race and note the dominance of MSD Pro-Mag components. This is proof positive of MSD’s superior performance. MSD is truly the epitome of performance ignition!

Pro-Mag 12

The Pro-Mag 12 is available with a band clamp mount, as well as special lightweight housings for Chevrolet engines. A separate Electronic Points Box with an integrated coil is used to handle the generator’s output, plus there is even a built-in rev control.

The Pro-Mag 44 is available only with a band clamp mount for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. The 44-amp uses an Electronic Points Box and a severe duty coil to handle the generator’s 44 amps of primary current.

Below are the Pro-Mag components used in typical racing applications. If you have any questions about your exact requirements or accessories please contact our magneto experts at 915-856-2785.

Qty Part Number Dual Plug 20 Amp Pro-Mag for Alcohol Racing
2 81502 (CW) or 81602 (CCW) 20 Amp Pro Mag Band Clamp Generator
2 8106 Points Box w/Built-in Rev Limiter
1 35051 Pro-Crimp Tool
1 31559 Universal Wire Set Dual Plug Hemi Set
Qty Part Number Typical Dual Plug 44 Amp Pro-Mag for Fuel Racing
2 8140 (CCW) 44 Amp Band Clamp Generator (or PN 8130, CW)
2 8142 44 Amp Coil
2 8145 or 8147 44 Amp Points Box with Built-In Rev Limiter
1 35051 Pro-Crimp Tool
1 31559 Universal Wire Set Dual Plug Hemi Set
1 8134 44 Amp Kill Switch
Qty Part Number Optional Accessories for 12 and 44 Amp Pro-Mags
1 7730 Power Grid
1 8830 Capacitor
1 7455 Pro-Cap Kit (1 per Generator)
1 8159 Crank Trigger Pickup (For RCD or PSI Crank Triggers)
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  • Pro Mag
Product Type
  • Accessory
  • Boot
  • Clamp
  • Connector
  • Distributor Cap
  • Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit
  • Distributor Rotor
  • Distributors and Components
  • Electrical Systems and Accessories
  • Ignition Boxes
  • Magneto
  • Module
  • Modules
  • Mounting Kit
  • Power Grid Controller
  • Shifter Components and Accessories
  • Spark Plug Wire
  • Spark Plug Wire Accessories
  • Switch
  • Tach Pickup
  • Timing Tape
  • Vibration Mounts
  • Wire Separators
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    The Pro-Mag generates the highest current possible and precisely controls its delivery to the coil and plugs with perfect consistency.