48 Hour Corvette - Watch Live Build Here March 10-12th!

By: Blane Burnett | 03/04/2015 < Back to Motor Life Home

RideTech made history four years ago by building a First Gen Camaro in 48 hours. Now they're doing it again, this time with a 1972 Corvette and you can watch it live right here on this page. Starting March 10th, follow the entire process on live streaming over three 16 hour workdays! A typical eBay purchased 1972 Corvette will roll into the 48 Hour build center to be transformed into a fully equipped track monster. The build will feature Holley EFI, Hooker Headers and Earl's Performance Plumbing. In addition to live wrenching, manufacturer specific question and answer sessions and interviews will be held throughout. As the C3 is disassembled the parts that are not being reused will be available for purchase on eBay. How should the RideTech team finish off a build of this nature? They'll be taking the car straight to the track after its completion, that’s how. And we think that’s a great way to finish! The RideTech crew successfully built the 48 Hour Camaro back in 2011 and that 67 Camaro has been on the road competing in events across the country ever since. Transforming a car or truck into something better, no matter what its shape, is what hot rodding is all about. So, set yourself a reminder to be back at this page on March 10th to watch them do it again with the 48 Hour Corvette!

Dominator EFI ECU is the new standard in EFI with virtually unlimited capabilities! Integrated electronic transmission control, drive-by-wire throttle control, dual wideband oxygen sensor capability, an extensive amount of inputs and outputs for various combinations, and much more.

Holley's 48 Hour Corvette Build List:

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