5 Essential Upgrades for 2021+ Ford Broncos


5 Essential Upgrades for 2021+ Ford Broncos


Ford’s 6th-generation Bronco is a triumph of retro-cool design, burly off-road ability, and pleasing street manners. Whether you’re tackling rugged trails, handling everyday chores, or making the weekend social scene, this go-anywhere machine can get the job done with style.

But for a lot of people, that’s just not good enough. As capable as this latest generation of Ford Bronco is, there’s still room for improvement. Like any new-model vehicle, it was designed to suit a wide range of drivers and sell at a reasonable price, leaving some needs unmet or underserved. Fortunately, there’s a vast array of aftermarket equipment available to modify your factory-stock Bronco into your own personalized steed. Best of all, these enhancements can easily be installed at home, using basic hand tools.

When choosing upgrades for your Bronco, it pays to start with the basics – the modifications that will give you the biggest improvements in appearance and functionality for the time and money you invest. With that in mind, here are the five most essential upgrades for your 2021 and newer Bronco.

This latest Ford Bronco design blends tough retro looks with solid performance to make a great all-around vehicle for a lot of different users. But there's still plenty of room for improvement. One of the best places to start is with larger tires, which improve the appearance of the Bronco and offer some real advantages in off-road driving.

Bigger Tires

The stock sixth-generation Bronco rolls on some fairly large tires. They may be fine for ordinary drivers who aren’t particular about the look and feel of their vehicle. But for those who want a more aggressive appearance and better performance, bigger tires are one of the best places to start. Larger-diameter tires can improve off-road capability by increasing ground clearance, which allows driving on steeper, more uneven terrain. And taller tires add that additional clearance where it often counts the most – at differentials, axles, and other suspension components.

Along with these advantages, wider tires further improve off-road abilities by increasing the tire’s contact patch with the surface, giving better traction in all types of driving. This advantage can be enhanced even more by choosing tires specially designed for the type of driving you’ll be doing. Some truck tires, for example, have treads specifically shaped to improve performance on mud, sand, or rocks, allowing them to handle these surfaces more effectively than general, all-purpose tires.

Although adding larger-than-stock tires is a simple upgrade, there are several key details that need to be addressed at the same time. For one thing, bigger tires may require the installation of a lift kit to add clearance in the wheel wells, so the tires don’t rub on the body. Along with this, you’ll need a spare-tire mount that’s stronger than stock and sized to accommodate a larger tire.

For this, the Anvil spare-tire relocation kit is an excellent choice. It relocates the spare-tire carrier one-inch outward and three-inches upward to allow clearance for bigger tires. At the same time, you’ll need to raise the third brake light, so it’s not obscured by the larger spare tire. The Anvil third-brake-light relocation bracket positions the third brake light approximately 2.4 inches higher than the stock location, which is suitable for tires up to 37 inches in diameter.

Check out Anvil's spare-tire relocation kit and third-brake-light relocation kit.

Adding bigger tires is simple enough, but don't forget to upgrade the spare-tire carrier. The stock carrier wasn't designed for the size and weight of larger tires. Adding an aftermarket spare-tire mount like this Anvil unit is a simple job requiring only basic hand tools.

You should also recalibrate your speedometer to compensate for the bigger tires, so you can enjoy the improved look and feel of the vehicle without having to guess how fast you’re actually going. One of the easiest ways to reset your speedometer is with the Superchips Flashcal. This handheld device allows you to change your speedometer calibration quickly and easily with the push of a few buttons. The unit also lets you disable the tire-pressure monitoring system, so you can run a wider range of tire pressures when off-roading.

Along with these changes, Flashcal enables you to alter the stock lighting configurations, disable the auto engine stop/start, customize lock functionality, and personalize other vehicle settings.

Click here to see all the great things Superchips Flashcal can do for your Bronco!

Installing larger tires changes the speedometer calibration. Fortunately, that's simple to correct on the Bronco's electronic gauges. A great way to do so is with the Superchips Flashcal, a handheld device that allows users to customize speedometer settings, lighting, and other vehicle functions just by clicking a few buttons.

Lift and Leveling Kits

Although the 2021-24 Ford Bronco already sits aggressively tall, boosting its ride height can significantly improve off-road capabilities by raising the vehicle’s overall ground clearance. This increases approach, departure, and breakover angles, so you can attack steeper terrain without hanging up on the bumpers and underside of the vehicle. Because of this, installing a lift kit is a vital starting point for anyone looking to tackle terrain beyond just basic, flat trails.

And besides that, you just can’t beat the visual impact of a taller-than-stock truck that sits just right. It doesn’t have to be a massive monster-truck-style lift to nail the look either. For example, Anvil’s off-road spacer kit can give your Bronco a tasteful 2-inch suspension lift that gets the point across without going overboard. The kit is designed for quick and easy installation too – there’s no need to disassemble the spring-and-shock assembly, and the spacers attach quickly above the suspension top hat.

Check out the Anvil lift kit – an easy way to add a lot of cool to your Bronco.

A lift kit can make your Bronco more capable off-road, by increasing its approach, departure, and breakover angles, allowing the vehicle to tackle steeper terrain without hanging up. At the same time, adding a few inches of height definitely ups the Bronco's cool factor as well.

Even if you prefer the stock height of your Bronco, there’s still room for improvement in the way it sits. From the factory, 2021 and newer Broncos have a slight forward rake – the back of the vehicle is a bit higher than the front. And while this nose-low stance may be just the thing for street-cruising muscle cars, it’s not so cool for a tough off-road rig.

Fortunately, it’s a simple thing to remedy. Anvil’s leveling kit for 2021+ Bronco raises the front suspension the right amount to make the vehicle sit level when unloaded. It’s a subtle touch that can give your Bronco that little bit of extra coolness you want. Adding to the kit’s appeal, it’s designed to be easy to install, it works with stock springs and shocks, and it maintains factory ride quality.

Take a look at Anvil’s leveling kit and see how simple it really is!

Stock Broncos have a little bit of rake, meaning they're lower in the front than the back. This can be corrected by installing Anvil's leveling kit, which brings the vehicle's stance back to a more appealing level attitude. The kit is simple to install, it works with stock springs and shocks, and it maintains factory ride quality.

Skid Plates

Although raising your Bronco with a lift kit and bigger tires will allow it to handle more severe terrain, there are inevitably situations when the underside of the vehicle will strike things if you’re out in the rough stuff. Worse yet, these hits often occur when you don’t expect them, from unseen obstacles or hidden terrain. Such impacts can cause costly damage or leave you stranded miles from civilization.

To protect your Bronco and add peace of mind when tackling tough terrain, installing skid plates to strategic spots on the underside of the vehicle is always a smart move. These protective metal shields are designed to install quickly and easily, and they add significant protection to vital components. For example, Anvil offers steel skid plates that protect the rear-axle lower control arms and shock absorbers – a worthwhile addition, no matter how you use your vehicle. They’re a simple bolt-on enhancement that gives you increased confidence without affecting the functionality of the vehicle.

Check out Anvil's skid plates for Rear Lower Control Arm and Rear Shock Mounts. They're a simple but effective way to protect your rig!

For anyone venturing off-road even occasionally, skid plates are vital insurance against damaging crucial components. These Anvil units help keep your suspension safe and are easy to install with basic hand tools.


Adding better illumination to your Bronco can improve its appearance, convenience, and safety for any type of driving. There’s a wide array of LED lighting available today, designed to give you better visibility at night, in adverse weather conditions, and in off-road situations. At the same time, additional lights can increase the safety of your vehicle, by making it easier for other drivers to see you, particularly in fog and other dangerous weather conditions.

And, like many of the other essential enhancements you should add to your Bronco, aftermarket lighting improves the vehicle’s appearance, adding a purposeful off-road vibe while subtly setting your machine apart from the herd of identical vehicles on the road.

Accessory lighting can add convenience, safety, and visual appeal to your Bronco. These LED units from Clearwater Lights are easy to install, they look great, and they're plenty bright for times when you need extra illumination.

One of the great features of the 6th-gen Bronco is the factory installed upfitter wiring, an auxiliary electrical system designed to allow clean and easy installation of accessory exterior lighting throughout the vehicle’s exterior. The system consists of pre-run wires going to various parts of the vehicle, controlled by built-in switches already mounted inside the cabin. There’s no need to run wires or mount switches – all you have to do is bolt on lights and follow simple instructions for hooking up the color-coded wires.

A good place to start when adding lights to your Bronco is with LED lighting by Clearwater Lights. These components add powerful illumination to your vehicle, with trim, compact units that complement the look of Ford’s modern-edgy retro rigs. Mounting these lights is simple and easy with Anvil’s lighting brackets, which are designed specifically for the 2021+ Bronco.

See Anvil's front bumper light mounts and mirror light mounts.

Ford's standard upfitter wiring setup makes it easy to install accessory lighting on Broncos. The system has pre-run wires throughout the vehicle, which are controlled by built-in switches in the cabin. All you have to do is bolt on lights and hook up a few color-coded wires.


A tough-looking, aggressive machine like the Bronco needs the right exhaust note to bring it all together and complete the package. This is another one of those enhancements that provides multiple benefits. The most obvious, of course, is the improved sound that an aftermarket exhaust system can bring. At the same time, the right exhaust system can significantly improve performance, increasing power throughout the rpm range without affecting drivability.

When choosing an exhaust system, consider the kind of sound you want and how much power you’re hoping to gain. Generally, louder exhaust systems can produce larger power increases. A great place to start when shopping for an exhaust system is by looking at the Flowmaster line, which includes nine different exhaust systems for 2021+ Bronco, including cat-back and axle-back systems. All of them are easy to install with basic hand tools. They offer a range of different sound levels from mild to aggressive, with dyno-tested power increases between 11 and 19 hp.

No matter what you’re using your Bronco for, these rough-and-rugged machines can be made even more capable with just a few simple upgrades. Adding these quick and easy bolt-ons allows you to personalize your rig to suit your exact taste and needs. You can add all these enhancements at once, or pick and choose as your time and budget allow.

Click here to find the perfect Flowmaster exhaust for your Bronco!

The finishing touch on any customized vehicle is the exhaust system. Stock Broncos have a somewhat bland, unobtrusive sound that doesn't really fit the bold and burly personality of this rig. There are many choices available for custom exhaust systems on the Bronco, ranging from mild to wild tones, with corresponding power gains.



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