EcoBoost Bronco and F-150: Get More Power with Superchips Pulsar XT


EcoBoost Bronco and F-150: Get More Power with Superchips Pulsar XT


Technology has transformed new vehicles and the way they operate. For the most part, it’s made todays cars and trucks vastly superior to ones from the so-called “good old days.” As interesting as vintage vehicles are, they never came from the factory with anything close to the power, reliability, and longevity of today’s machines, thanks in large part to the sophisticated systems designed into them.

But those high-tech systems have downsides too. Along with all the bells and whistles found in a typical car or truck nowadays come some nuisance features that detract from the experience of day-to-day driving. And although advanced technologies have unlocked tremendous amounts of power from modern engines, there’s typically still room for more. Factory tuning of engines is often a compromise that leaves significant power and drivability on the table.

Superchips has long recognized these facts and has taken on the mission of correcting such oversights in modern vehicles, with its comprehensive line of modules that are built for specific makes and models.

The Superchips Pulsar XT allows owners of Ford EcoBoost Broncos and F-150s to get more power from their vehicle, while at the same time customizing a wide array of other features for increased convenience and utility.

Superchips has now expanded its popular Pulsar XT range of inline modules to include Ford EcoBoost Broncos and F-150s. These electronic modules can add significant power to your vehicle and allow you to customize a wide array of important aspects of it to suit your own individual needs and taste.

One of the main highlights of the Pulsar XT is the additional power it can bring out. The engineers at Superchips worked tirelessly to extract more punch from the factory Ford EcoBoost tuning. “We looked at the manifold pressure post throttle body,” said Jacob White of Superchips. “And then we also worked with the boost, which is pre throttle body. Then we made some adjustments to those calibrations.”

These subtle but effective tweaks add up to significant gains in power and torque while improving overall drivability, towing performance, and throttle response. At the same time, fuel economy generally isn’t adversely affected, despite the additional power the Pulsar XT can unleash.

See the Pulsar XT for EcoBoost Ford Bronco.

The Pulsar XT allows users to alter the engine’s output quickly and easily with a unique handheld wireless Bluetooth fob that lets you change power levels with just a click. “The wireless switch is an industry exclusive, and it’s specific to our Ford applications,” says White. “You can change power levels on the fly with it while you’re driving. And you don’t have to mount anything in the cab. You also don’t have to run wires or drill holes in the dash or anything like that. We do include some Velcro so you can attach the switch to the dash if you want. But a lot of guys just leave it sitting in the cup holder. Or some guys just run it on one specific power level and put the switch in the console.”

Complementing the power increases possible with the Pulsar XT is the ability to adjust the throttle pedal response in very fine increments, to suit different needs or personal preferences. “We eliminate all of the factory throttle lag that Ford has programmed into these trucks,” explains White. “That makes them drive so much better. It’s especially nice for the guys running big wheels and tires, because as soon as you put a set of larger tires on, with that heavy rotating mass, the trucks just feel more sluggish. Or if you want to tow your trailer you can set it to be less responsive, so it’s not so jumpy. The Pulsar XT’s throttle pedal adjustment can make them feel like they should, on top of adding more power than you had originally.”

Check out the Pulsar XT for EcoBoost Ford F-150 now.

The EcoBoost 2.7L and 3.5L make good power in stock form, but they're moving a lot of mass in an F-150. The Pulsar XT adds noticeable power to these rigs and allows users to tailor their setup for more effective towing and hauling.

Power levels and throttle-pedal sensitivity can also be paired together in the Pulsar XT, allowing different power settings to have their own throttle pedal feel. This can be especially handy when multiple people share the same vehicle – with a quick click, your truck can be tailored to the exact feel you like.

And, in addition to the power gains the Pulsar XT can bring, there are a wide range of other great features. Among the most popular of those is tire-size calibration, says White. “A lot of Bronco and F-150 owners are doing lift kits, wheels, and tires. But as soon as you put a larger tire on it, your speedometer no longer reads correctly. The Pulsar XT allows you to calibrate your speedometer so it does.”

The Pulsar XT's free app lets you choose all the features of the system from the convenience of your smartphone. In just a few taps of the screen, you can customize your vehicle's setup exactly the way you want it.

As enjoyable and handy as these features are, many users are attracted to the Pulsar XT for its ability to eliminate some of the electronic nuisances that are all too common on new vehicles today. For many Bronco and F-150 owners, this alone proves to be worth the price of the unit.

“A lot of people get really annoyed with auto stop-start systems,” says White. “And every manufacturer does them a little bit different. With some vehicles, when the engine stops, that means the AC compressor no longer turns. So, you’re sitting at a stoplight boiling because there’s no air conditioning running. Yeah, some vehicles do have a button on the dash that allows you to disable auto stop-start. But you typically have to push that button every time you start the vehicle. Our device remembers that setting and just stays that way.

“There’s also another feature with Fords and their key fob,” he continues. “If you get out of the truck with the engine running and walk away with a key fob in your pocket, the horn will honk at you. This device can disable that too.”

The Pulsar XT is designed for easy, foolproof plug-and-play installation in less than 30 minutes. Once installed, the system can also be updated transparently free of charge via the smartphone interface.

The Pulsar XT also allows users to enable, disable, or adjust settings for the tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS), battery management system, and some lighting controls.

All of the features in the Pulsar XT are easily accessed through an available smartphone app, which allows users to quickly tailor the parameters of their F-150 or Bronco with just a few clicks.

At the same time, the Pulsar XT is easy to install too, thanks to the inline design of the unit. “In these trucks it’s literally about a 15- to 30-minute installation,” says White. And because of the way the Pulsar XT is set up, you’re far less likely to have warranty issues or problems having the vehicle serviced.

“Because this unit doesn’t flash the ECM, we’re not leaving any traces of our tuning in it. So, if you need to go in for dealer service, the product can be quickly removed. You can just unplug everything and return the vehicle right back to its factory settings, go to your dealer service appointment, and then put the unit back in when you get home.”

The wiring of the Pulsar XT is laid out in a simple fashion to allow even novice users to get it set up without hassle. Best of all, the system can be quickly removed if the vehicle needs to be serviced. Shown in the upper right is the handheld wireless Bluetooth switch that lets you change power levels with just a click. “It's an industry exclusive, and it’s specific to our Ford applications,” says our source at Superchips.

Adding further value to the system, future updates to the Pulsar XT can be made easily and transparently as they become available from Superchips. “Because we use a smartphone interface, if we ever have updates to the calibrations or the app, all of that stuff can be added in the field,” notes White. “You can use your smartphone to update the module that’s under the hood. So, when we make a calibration change, or if we come up with a new feature that we can add, that stuff can be updated on demand. It all works via Bluetooth. And there’s no charge for upgrades.”

No matter what you’re using your Bronco or F-150 for, the Pulsar XT could easily be one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your vehicle. The system offers an irresistible combination of power increases, convenience options, and simplicity that’s sure to make your truck more enjoyable to drive.

See the Pulsar XT for EcoBoost Bronco and EcoBoost F-150 now.



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