Accel S/S Spark Plug Wires

By: Todd Veney | 02/23/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
The biggest thief robbing power from your bike might be right under your nose – an inexpensive, easy fix you might have never thought of. When's the last time you changed your spark plug wires? A couple years ago? Don't remember? Never? Do it today and see what an unbelievable difference something so simple can really make. Stock Harley-Davidson spark plug wires feature carbon-core construction. They're the cheapest wires to make and the cheapest ones you can buy. The problem is, carbon-core wires start slowly degrading the day they're made – there's no getting around it. It's like having worn-out wiper blades or shaving with a dull razor. They might get the job done, sure, but once you use that new razor or those new wiper blades – or those new spark plug wires – you'll wonder why you didn't get them a long time ago. The solution? ACCEL S/S spark plug wires. Developed specifically for 2000 and newer Harley-Davidsons – both carbureted and fuel-injected – their spiral-wrapped metal core transmits electricity with the least resistance possible. Stock Harley wires have five times more resistance. Think they don't break down? They do. Do you think wires are just wires? They're not. Spark plug wires are a service item – they were never meant to last forever, especially OE wires. After a year or two of use – even if your bike is your weekend release, not your everyday transportation – the difference between ordinary OE wires and ACCEL S/S plug wires will be plain as day. So don't just change wires because you want a different color. Upgrade to ACCEL S/S spark plug wires, the easiest, most inexpensive way to improve the performance of your Harley. Sound too good to be true? Prove it to yourself – buy an Ohmmeter. Test your old wires, then test ours. The difference will be obvious – and it'll be even more apparent the first time you twist your wrist on that bike.

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