Can a Twin-Turbo 260ci LS With Holley Dominator EFI Run Flat Out For 5 Minutes Without Blowing Up?

By: Todd Veney | 07/18/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Could somebody really a get 1,000-plus horsepower out of a little 260-cubic-inch LS engine? Could they actually get it to run flat-out at 7,000+ RPM non-stop for a full five minutes under full boost without scattering it all over the dyno-room floor? Yes and yes. Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines has done it – see for yourself in this awesome video, "Wide Open Throttle Challenge," that takes you right into the NRE dyno as they turn it loose.

Using Holley EFI to manage everything, Nelson whipped up a twin-turbo LS combination for the river-race boat of series champion Mark Rodacker, who races against drivers with engines almost twice as big – 470 (non-aspirated) cubic inches. They noticed an overlooked loophole in the rulebook that permits the use of twin turbos as long as the engine is 260 cubic inches or less and decided to see if they could really pull it off.

Did they ever. It doesn't just rev over 7,000 screaming RPM – it stays there. Nelson even programmed the engine to utilize Holley EFI's scramble-up and scramble-down features that will allow Rodacker to pick up an extra 200 horsepower anytime he wants it with the push of a button and let him conserve resources when he feels he can get away with it by hitting a button to drop 200 HP. It makes up to 1,200 horsepower – watch!

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