Classic Truck Build Advice from Ronnie at C10Talk


Classic Truck Build Advice from Ronnie at C10Talk


Done, or not quit yet!

You had the vision. You’ve been working your ass off to get your truck done to take it to the next big show.

GOOD for you! Just remember that you don’t have to be completely done to bring it out of the garage or shop. Let that thing breath. Show off your progress.

I have seen guys work on their trucks relentlessly, hence – Blood, Sweat and Tears! When this is the case, often then they will despise the truck. Resenting the build they poured their heart and soul into.

So remember to pace yourself and realize that getting an “Under Construction” build out can also have some real positive affects.

People get to see all the chassis work that often times gets looked over once the truck gets wrapped in sheet metal. This is a detail specific area that can really show off the caliber of the build and your skill set. A rolling chassis is one of the sexiest phases of a build.

So much art work in a “Roller”. The suspension, the shocks, the hardline’s (insert a manly grunt here). You get the point. Rolling metal can be a good thing.

Maybe your build is a partial restoration or daily, either way just realize that for every 1 – “Best of Show” truck out there, that there are 999 trucks like yours, and people will respect what you are doing and the amount of work that you have poured into it. So take your truck to the next show, whether it’s completely done or not. I bet you’ll meet someone who is in the same boat, or has a few stories that align with your current progress and some hiccups that they may have had on one of their builds along the way.

The key is that people will like and respect what you are doing, A true sense of accomplishment that will super charge your motivation.

So don’t stress it, get that truck out to a local meet up or a cars & coffee. I guarantee you’ll make a few friends and be glad you did.

These trucks are just as much about RAD old metal and styling as they are about bringing like minded people together. Sharing a passion, helping one another, and friendship.

Happy Truckin – Ronnie


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