Do-It-Yourself Custom LS Headers

By: Dan S | 01/15/2014 < Back to Motor Life Home

With the increasing popularity of LS engine swaps, finding the right combination of components to create a custom header or exhaust system can prove to be an endless scavenger hunt, with less than satisfactory results. But Hooker Headers has put the power back into the hands of the builder with its brand new line of optimized components for fabricating top-shelf GM LS Engine header and exhaust systems. Hooker’s expanded Builder Series line for do-it-yourself exhaust fabricators includes stainless and mild steel LS flanges, collector kits, barbed hanger rods and matching insulators, stainless steel band clamps and innovative 2.5” and 3” stamped stainless cross-overs.

Exhaust brand manager for Holley Performance Products, Cam Benty, says, “Builders are sure to appreciate the kit structure of these products that combines all the components and hardware you need in one convenient package. The Hooker Builder Series collector kits can be purchased in two different levels of packaging to provide the desired level of features a builder is looking for. Best of all, each of these components were designed and constructed using the same high-tech CAD/CFD engineering used to create our new optimized stainless steel headers and exhaust systems, an area of renewed focus by Holley to provide more advanced products for a demanding customer.” 

The new LS flange kits range from laser cut 3/8” mild steel to state-of-the-art 304 investment stainless steel castings. Along with the header flange kits, Hooker has also released proprietary 304 stainless steel weld-on merge collector components in kit form, and 304 stainless stamped “X” cross over assemblies, giving hobbyists and race car builders well engineered components to showcase their fabricating talents. 

The Hooker Builder Series features proprietary-design components like the one-piece formed merge collector and stainless steel investment cast winged attenuation spear of the 31532HKR deluxe collector kit. The design geometry of both the 2.5-inch and 3-inch Hooker stamped cross-overs allow multiple inlet/outlet leg routing configurations to be fabricated (parallel, splayed or hybrid) without having to modify the stamping. Hooker also offers hard-to-find exhaust components such as ½-inch diameter 304 stainless steel barbed hanger rods in 2 and 10-packs, ½-inch rubber isolators, and 2.5-inch and 3-inch stainless steel band clamps. 

So if you're looking to create a custom header application for an LS engine swap, Hooker made it easy to get all the right components that simplify the process. 

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