Earl's Releases Heavy Duty Cylinder Head Bolts

By: Todd Veney | 10/18/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
You already trust Earl’s Racing Products for leak-free plumbing; now you can rely on us to help keep your engine sealed, too. Earl’s now offers high-quality head bolts made from chromoly steel and designed for high-performance, high-cylinder-pressure racing applications. Earl’s head bolts have a yield strength of 170,000 PSI – about 15% stronger than typical Grade 8 hardware. Made in the USA, they feature a reduced head size to provide the extra socket clearance necessary to torque head bolts around the rocker arms and in tight spaces. The wide-flange bolt heads and extra-thick chromoly washers provide additional clamping support for even load distribution and more accurate torque readings. Unlike lesser head bolts, Earl’s are reusable, eliminating the hassle and expense of replacing ordinary OEM-grade torque-to-yield bolts every time you pull the heads. Choose your next set of head bolts with either a classic hex head or a 12-point design – both are protected by a durable black-oxide finish. Available for most popular engines, they're sold in complete sets and come complete with washers and anti-seize lubricant.

See detailed product information for Earl's Cylinder Head Bolts.

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