Earl's Releases new Turbo plumbing fittings!

Author: Skylar Drake | 11/04/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Earl's Performance Plumbing makes it easier than ever to plumb your turbo oiling system with new flanges, fittings and restrictors for a variety of applications. Featuring several styles of inlet/drain fittings, they are coated in a black anodized finish for a long life and good looks! Read on to learn more! 

Oil Flange Fittings

Earl's new drain flange fittings range in sizes from -6 AN Male to -12 o-ring. Constructed from 2024 aluminum and a black anodized coating, these flanges fit most common turbocharger sizes including T25, T28, T30, T40 and more!

Oil Supply Adapters

The new oil supply adapters are machined from 303 stainless steel and feature either -6 AN or -4 AN male ends for easy plumbing of feed lines. Earl's also offers application specific pressure adapters for GM LS and Gen V LT engines for simple oil supply connections.

Oil Restrictor Fittings

Earl's now offers oil restrictor fittings with a convenient flare jet retainer machined into one end, these retainers allow customers to fine tune their oil flow to prevent smoking and pesky oil leaks. Flare jets are offered in sizes ranging from .030" - .070" as well as blanks for those who wish to test with multiple orifice sizes.

These new turbocharger oiling adapters fit most common turbos for the oil feed and drain side of the oiling system making it easier than ever to plumb your new power adder! Earl's performance plumbing continues to be the industry standard for durability, ease of assembly and quality. For more information on the products you see listed here, check out the Featured Recommendations below.

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