Earl's Releases Quarter-Turn Fasteners and Tools

By: Todd Veney | 12/27/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Earl’s Quarter-Turn Fasteners are a fast, easy way to mount body panels and access panels for quick, easy removal. Sold in convenient packages of five, they're available in three variations – flush mount, button head, and self-ejecting. Earl's doesn't carry just the fasteners themselves; a large selection of springs and weld plates in a wide variety of sizes and lengths are also available. The fasteners and springs are all made from high-quality steel with a durable zinc coating for maximum corrosion-resistance. The best way to install them is with Earl’s new Quarter-Turn Fastener Tool. The ergonomic shape and compact design fits perfectly in your hand, the rubber grip helps keep it there, and the curved blade is compatible with all brands of standard slotted quarter-turn fasteners. Earl’s Spring Adjusting Tool allows you to make minor adjustments to fine-tune any installation without kinking or breaking any springs. They feature a billet aluminum body, steel shaft, and a large plastic adjustment knob for making minute, precise spring adjustments in either direction for a perfect fit every time.

See detailed product information for Quarter-Turn Fasteners.

See detailed product information for the Quarter-Turn Fastener Tool.

See detailed product information for the Spring Adjusting Tool.

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