Enter To Win Holley's Draw My Car Sweepstakes Today And Get Your Ride Rendered By Our In-House Artist!

By: Holley | 02/10/2021 < Back to Motor Life Home

Call them what you will: a rendering, an artistic interpretation, a design sketch. Was there anything cooler than seeing drawn art of somebody's car that seemed to leap right out as if it was truly real? You might see the beginning stage of a project car, where the body is beat, the paint is shot, the interior is a mess, but then you saw the rendering, where the paint shined, the stance was spot on, and you wanted nothing more to see the finished product. Ever see rendering artists online making "what if?" sketches? Or maybe you've already got your pride and joy done, as real as it gets, but you want a little something for the office wall to celebrate your achievement. It takes a good bit of coin to get an artist to do a rendering of a car...or, you can enter to win Holley's Draw My Car sweepstakes and bypass the payment part!

If you’re in need of the ultimate piece of garage art, we have something up our sleeve for you! Enter this sweepstakes for a chance to win a personalized digital rendering and a canvas print of your car from our own Brian Stupski. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll be put in contact with Brian after the drawing to provide him with an image of your car and to discuss the details of your image. Don’t have a car ready to be drawn? That’s alright too. Brian can work with you to design the perfect piece of art for your garage, home, man cave, or wherever else you’d like to put it!

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