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By: Flowmaster | 06/14/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home

As far back as he can recall, Joe Farasati has always had a passion for racing. Joe’s roots began on two wheels, racing BMX bikes at the age of 7. Hooked on competition, he continually strived to be a better rider, eventually earning himself a place at the expert level by age 15. As the years passed, and as Joe’s appetite for speed and competition grew, his interests progressed from bicycles to cars and he eventually migrated into the wild world of drifting.

Through the years, Joe isn’t the only thing that has transformed. His track weapon of choice, a 2000 Lexus SC300, has also evolved into a drift missile ready to handle whatever is thrown at it. A 3.0L 2JZ-GE with a large turbocharger has been swapped into the car and power has been boosted to over 700hp. Additionally, the car has been treated to a G-Force GSR DogBox transmission to stand up to the rigors of sliding sideways at 100mph. B&M Hi-Tek Oil Coolers keep things cool while the pedal is smashed to the floor and Flowmaster Outlaw mufflersquell sounds to the specified DB limits of various tracks without compromising performance. An array of high performance components like these, along with some serious garage time, ensure Joe’s SC is not about to quit anytime soon. New for 2017 Maxxis Tires, Treadstone Performance and KBD Body Kits have joined in to support Farasati Racing.

For Farasati, it’s not just about striving to be the greatest and fastest. Joe has taken it upon himself to help others get faster and develop their skills as drifters. After many years of volunteering at Sonoma Raceway assisting with the setup of drift courses and various raceway events, Joe has started his very own drift school, Bay Area Drifting. The school offers courses at Thunder Hill Raceway to pass on the fundamentals of drifting to newcomers interested in the sport. In addition to these courses, the school also offers private lessons, hosts corporate events, and provides stunt driving services! More information on Bay Area Drifting can be found at

We want to thank Joe and his team for everything that they continue to do to support the hobby and their community and wish them the best of luck this season. We’re all looking forward to seeing things get sideways.

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