Holley Announces Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valves

By: Alex Healey | 04/07/2015 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley is proud to announce the availability of a new safety item - Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valves. They feature an internal valve ball that reduces fuel spillage from carburetor vent tubes in crash situations and reduces fuel slosh from vent tubes during hard launches/stops or while traversing rough terrain in off-road racing or rough-water marine racing. When the valve is in an upright position, fuel vapors vent normally through the carburetor vent tubes. Holley has two versions available, one with a barbed end and one without, to cover most racing situations. The Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series and Traxxas TORC off-road series currently mandate the use of spill reduction valves in their series. To see the Holley Spill Reduction Valves in action, check out our YouTube video. For more information on the valves check out the product page for the barbed valves HERE and the non-barbed valves HERE.
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