Holley Modernizes Classic Carb Lineup!

Author: Skylar Drake | 01/29/2020 < Back to Motor Life Home

Wait, what year is it?! That's right, Holley is announcing a revamp of their "Classic Carb" line-up with modernized versions that are constructed from light-weight aluminum! Beginning with the 0-1848-2, this new carburetor draws roots from the original 465 CFM List # 1848, but will have all of the contemporary features you've come to love from their Street Warrior models. The aluminum main body and fuel bowls will save weight and provide better heat dissipation (a must-have when running today's ethanol-blended fuels). It has also ditched the obsolete hot-air choke and fuel bowl vent to bring this carb into the 21st century! Featuring the classic Gold Dichromate finish Holley's are traditionally known for. The durable finish inhibits corrosion and will guarantee your carb looks great for years to come. It is intended for small V8's or six cylinder engines as well as 2x4 street tunnel ram style setups. The single fuel inlet and preset electric choke make installation a breeze! Meanwhile, the vacuum secondaries allow for use on a broad spectrum of vehicles, compensating for various weights and gearing.

Holley is universally recognized as the industry standard for reliability and quality; with more than 115 years of production under their belt you can rest easy knowing that Holley carburetors will faithfully deliver the outstanding performance you expect! Expect more of their classic line-up to be re-designed in the future. To stay up to date on all of the new product releases, consider subscribing to our newsletter. 

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