Holley EFI Helps Bring Squarebody Syndicate's 1975 Indy 500 Tribute Truck to Life

By: Todd Veney | 11/15/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Bringing all of the best aspects of the original to bear in this amazing recreation, Joe Yezzi's industry-leading Squarebody Syndicate team created Syndicate Series 02, a tribute to the "Indy Haulers" from the 1975 Indianapolis 500. Twenty-seven of those trucks patrolled Indianapolis Motor Speedway that year, when racing immortal Bobby Unser, driving for legend Dan Gurney, claimed the second of his three Indy 500 victories. Three special red, white, and blue versions stood out from the rest, and as part of team's winnings, chief mechanic Wayne Leary took one of them home – the only one that's still alive.

It was sold about a year later and languished in obscurity for nearly 30 years, destined for the crusher, until it was discovered and used as the basis for Squarebody Syndicate's build. This truck, a built-from-the-ground-up '76 model, blew everyone away when unveiled Oct. 30 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, walking off with a GM Design Award and being judged one of the Top Five Chevy vehicles at the entire show.

It's slammed in the modern style and powered by a supercharged GM Performance LS3 crate motor built by Pro-Dyno with a distinctive '70s flair and all the latest technology. Completely controlled by Holley EFI, this supercharged 700-horsepower beast relies on one part after another from the Holley family of brands: Hooker BlackHeart LS-swap headers, GM LS retro-fit oil pan, ACCEL Extreme 9000 ceramic-boot spark plug wires, Holley in-tank retrofit fuel module, Holley HP billet EFI bypass fuel-pressure regulator, 175-GPH Holley HP billet fuel filter, Frostbite fan/shroud package, Earl's fittings, and miles of Earl's Super Stock™ hose.

For a deeper dive on the whole build, click here.

To see it unveiled at SEMA, click here.

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