Holley LS Coil Covers give your engine a Big Block appearance

By: Dan S | 11/05/2010 < Back to Motor Life Home
If you’ve transplanted a GM LS V-8 engine into an early GM muscle car, you can give it the look of a classic big block with Holley’s LS Coil Covers. The covers conceal the coils on modern LS engines, transforming the appearance to look like it has a set of large big block Chevy valve covers. These coil covers are manufactured from strong, glass-filled nylon and easily install by replacing a few coil bracket mount bolts with the included hardware. The Holley Big Block Replica LS Coil Covers PN 242-1 are lightweight and can be painted to give your vintage muscle-car’s engine compartment a retro-look. But you can also use them to customize the engine on your 2010 Camaro. Either way, Holley’s coil covers can be easily trimmed to fit over aftermarket accessory drives or brackets. While these covers are designed to fit directly on GM LS3 model engines, they also fit on other LS model engines with minor trimming and include an oil fill-tube adaptor.
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