Holley LS Water Pumps

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 09/07/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
It’s no secret that Holley is the leader in the “LS” market, supplying just about everything you need for LS swaps. Building on our one stop shop attitude we are proud to offer LS water pumps covering all belt alignments on non-supercharged applications. Most of us have experienced it. You’re trying to squeeze that LS engine under the hood of something it wasn’t designed to fit in. And wouldn’t you know, the accessories interfere with things you didn’t expect and the water pump inlet is pointing in the wrong direction. Holley now offers quality LS water pumps to help solve the common problems associated with belt alignment and water outlet locations. Holley paid close attention when designing these pumps and matched the efficiencies found on original equipment water pumps. Custom tooled housings and quality components assure these are not run-of- the mill replacement pumps. Holley’s part # 22-100 provides a quality-reasonably priced option to OEM units. It works with standard (Corvette type) belt spacing as well as the (F-Body style) belt spacing and has a forward facing water outlet. New to the aftermarket is a cost effective solution for the popular truck accessory drives that require a low profile forward facing water outlet. Holley part # 22-101 utilizes the long (truck style) belt spacing allowing the original truck accessories to be used in most swap applications and features a forward facing water outlet providing the extra clearance needed in low hood vehicles.. This pump will also clear the VVT cover on the 2010 and later LS Camaros. Our 22-102 pump also works with the long (truck type) belt spacing but has a short upward facing water outlet. A perfect replacement for LS equipped truck applications. Included with each pump is a cast aluminum water neck with thermostat and a pair of OEM replacement style gaskets. So whether you’re doing a custom swap or just replacing an OE unit. With quality components and cast aluminum construction Holley pumps are a perfect choice for all your LS needs.
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