How To Add A Brake Light Switch To Your Vehicle

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 03/07/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Nothing can ruin your day like getting a ticket. If you want to keep Johnny Law and your insurance company happy too, you better have working brake lights. That’s where Earl’s can help you. Our convenient and easy to install pressure activated brake light switches, make it easy to add brake lights to almost any brake system.

Whether your building a race car, rat rod, off-road rig, or a custom cruiser, mechanically operated brake light switches can be tough to install, especially when you’re not using the stock pedal system. Most after-market pedal systems like those produced by Wilwood, Tilton, and others, don't have provisions for a brake light switch. That leaves you stuck trying to fabricate brackets for a mechanical switch, or modifying something from a factory application. And for you racers, depending on what type of racing you participate in? Most tracks require that you have at least one working brake light for driver and track safety.

The Earl’s solution makes it easy, just install our special brake tee P#972052BERL in-line on one of your systems pressurized brake lines. This is easily done by marking and cutting the brake line with a tubing cutter 003ERL to remove the appropriate amount of brake line in order to fit the tee in place. Install 2 inverted flare tube nuts, one on each section of brake line cut and perform the flaring process with using flaring tool 038ERL. Thread the tube nuts into the appropriate ports in the tee and tighten to spec. Earl’s tee has 3 port options available for connecting the brake lines. It can be used as a 3 way tee, or block off one of the ports with a plug 9806624ERL and use it as a 2 way. There’s even a convenient mounting hole to safely secure it to your frame or custom mounting bracket. The Earl’s pressure activated switch 100186ERL simply screws into the 1/8” NPT port that’s found on the tee. Now all that’s left to do, is run wires for your brake light switch and install the 2 blade terminals on the switch to complete the brake light circuit. Don’t forget to remove any trapped air by bleeding your brake system after the install and check for any leaks before driving. Now, when you depress the brake pedal, the brake line is pressurized which triggers the switch to close, completing the circuit and activating your brake lights! 

When it comes to safety, earl’s has your back and your brakes!

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