How to Setup a Dual Sync Distributor for Holley Sniper EFI

By: Todd Veney | 09/11/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Got a new Sniper EFI system but don't know how to set up your dual-sync distributor for it? Sit back and let Holley EFI guru Tom Kise show you, step by step, just how easy it really is. First, program the ECU for the proper ignition type. Remove the fuel pump relay and disconnect the negative battery terminal, then install and phase the Holley dual-sync distributor. Next, turn the engine so that cylinder number 1 is 50 degrees before top dead center on the compression stroke. Next, use a blow gun to get rid of any loose debris away from the base of the existing distributor and then remove the distributor. Test-fit the new dual-sync distributor without the gasket, making sure that it full seats against the mating surface. Before you do a final install, coat the gear with moly lube and make sure that it meshes properly with the camshaft. Then put the gasket on and drop the distributor in place. Note the position of the rotor contact and make sure its in the general vicinity of cylinder one. From there, rotate the distributor body and align the crank sensor with the rotor contact. If something on the body hits, just turn it until you have the proper clearance. Now snug the hold-down, but only finger-tight because you'll still need to make final adjustments to the distributor body. Of the two pig tails sticking out of the dual-sync adapter, connect the pink one to a switched ignition source. The other, with a green a purple wire, is hooked to the mating connector with like-colored wires. The large connector plugs directly into the dual-sync distributor. Next, reconnect your negative battery cable and turn the ignition on. Two LEDs will come on; the one you want is the one closest to the crank sensor. If your distributor rotor turns clockwise, carefully turn the housing in that direction until that light goes off, then slowly bring it back until it just comes on. (If your rotation is counterclockwise, do the same thing in reverse.) Now you can bolt down the distributor for good and install the cap. At this point, you might want to replace your spark plugs and plug wires – no sense risking it. Find the white wire that comes from the input/output harness – it's what powers your capacitive discharge ignition box or Sniper coil driver module. Then hook up your coil. The orange wire goes to the positive side of the coil, the black wire to the negative side. Never hook the yellow wire when using a CD ignition – it'll destroy your ECU. Then, just run through a few pre-startup checks and you're on your way!

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