Innovative HydraMat Fuel Reservoirs a Perfect Fit For Pyrotect Fuel Cells

By: Todd Veney | 07/13/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Pyrotect quickly discovered something HydraMat customers typically find the day they make their purchase: HydraMats work, and they work better than anyone could have imagined. The revolutionary fuel-reservoir system reduces fuel-starvation issues that plague thirsty race engines during acceleration, stopping, hard cornering, inclines, and low-fuel conditions. Available in numerous shapes and sizes for installation in stock fuel tanks and/or racing fuel cells, they render ordinary fuel pick-ups in stock fuel tanks obsolete, reducing the potential for air to enter into the fuel system. "HydraMat really simplifies our job," says Pyrotect's Doug Packard, who handles fuel-cell sales for the Oregon-based company, which builds custom cells for countless different uses. "If it wasn't for HydraMat, we'd have to build collectors, which basically means building another cell and putting it inside. Now, we just stick a HydraMat in there – problem solved." Race-proven on the short tracks and superspeedways of the ARCA stock car series and in the extreme conditions of the deserts of Baja and Dakar, HydraMat fuel reservoirs work even when the mat isn't completely submerged, as tiny pores in the media seal off through surface tension, forcing fuel to be drawn from other areas of the mat where fuel is available. For Pyrotect, which manufactures its own line of firesuits, helmets, seats, and a complete line of safety gear in addition to specialized fuel cells for high-end custom car and racing applications, HydraMat fuel reservoirs have become almost a must. "HydraMats save us a lot of labor and a lot of time," Packard says. "I've yet to have a complaint from anybody – not one. Whether it's a dirt modified, Class 10 buggy, trophy truck, rock crawler, or road-race car, a huge percentage of what we do is custom work, building something for people's specific design. Fuel pickup issues are a thing of the past since we started using HydraMat – that's why they want one of our cells. They buy one, and that's the last we hear from them because it always works perfectly."

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