Holley Releases 1964-70 Mustang Muscle Car EFI Pump Modules

By: Todd Veney | 01/07/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holley is pleased to announce the release of 1964-70 Mustang Muscle Car EFI Pump Modules, which make it easy to convert your carbureted fuel system to EFI. Capable of supporting up to 550 horsepower, they eliminate the need for a new fuel tank or any fabrication or modifications – you can even keep your stock fuel hardline. Fuel pressure is preset at 58 PSI and regulated internally, which removes the added expense purchasing an external pressure regulator. The module includes a fuel-level sending unit pre-calibrated to work with the factory fuel gauge already in your car. 

A direct replacement factory pick-ups and sending units, these modules come with a 255 pound-per-hour in-tank fuel pump and Holley's revolutionary HydraMat fuel reservoir, which reduces fuel-starvation issues during cornering, acceleration, stopping, and anytime the tank is low. Each kit comes with fuel-gauge float arms for three different tank capacities – 16 gallons (1964-68 Mustangs, 20 gallons (1969 Mustangs), and 22 gallons (1970 Mustangs). 

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