LASD Motorsports

By: Flowmaster | 03/06/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home

LASD Motorsports is the largest law enforcement racing and outreach team in the United States. Team members travel around the country to deliver outreach classes, and race, at a variety of venues. LASD’s goal is to deter kids from drugs, gangs and illegal street racing. In doing so, they have been successful in promoting education, teamwork, sportsmanship and helped at-risk youth to overcome life’s challenges.

“Through these encounters we’re able to discuss our programs, talk about important issues affecting the community and develop the trust necessary to gain public support,” said LASD Project Manager Bob Furman. Bob is spearheading LASD’s latest project, a 2017 Fusion Off-Road Spec Class Trophy Truck powered by a twin turbo 3.5L Ecoboost mill and backed by a B&M TH400 transmission. Exhaust gases will be scavenged through a pair of Flowmaster Outlaw Series mufflers, adding iconic sound to the modern machine.

As the popularity of off-road racing continues to increase, we are eager to see the impact that LASD makes on the growing sport. We wish LASD Motorsports continued success and a safe season both on and off-road!