Let the Gearheads at Holley Show You How to Do a Burnout!

By: Todd Veney | 08/22/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
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Not sure how to do a burnout? It's easy! Holley's Jeremy Stoermer walks you through the entire process in this video, and you don't need posi-traction or a spool to do it. First, get your tires wet. Plain old water is your best bet – that's what drag racers use, right? Ready? Power-braking is the most common way to do a burnout, but if you have a late-model vehicle, be sure to disable the traction-control function before you burn rubber. Start by pushing the brake pedal with your left foot and mashing the gas with your right – that'll usually get you well on your way to an awesome smokescreen. If you have a stick-shift, it's a little more complicated – you'll have to hold the brake with the heel of your right foot and work the throttle with your right. Just ease the clutch out slowly while you hold the brake with your right heel, and ease into the throttle with the toes on your right foot. Too tricky? Forget the brake, dump the clutch, and smash the throttle to the floor! Then just manipulate the throttle so that you're on it hard enough to keep the tires spinning but not so hard that you over-rev the engine or hit the rev-limiter. If the rear end tries to kick out to one side, just turn the steering wheel into the direction the rear of the vehicle tries to go or start over. And remember: the higher the tire speed, the smokier your burnouts are going to be!
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