No Mercy X - Friday Coverage

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No Mercy X - Friday Coverage

10 min read

Another day is in the books at No Mercy X and with the nightfall came the inevitable rain showers. Early morning saw racers filling the staging lanes for first round of eliminations and the track had seemed to recover from Thursday's spin-fest.

The small block nitrous class was littered with heavy hitters including Scottie Ray and the McCain brothers in their Datsun race car dubbed "Bowser". As the field thinned, spectators found an all Holley EFI final round with Nemesis defeating Jason X to take home the cash prize.

Pro 275 #1 qualifier "Little Evil" continued its reign of terror by advancing to the third round of eliminations, meanwhile the Preston Brothers (Isaac and Adam) and their BES powered 69 Camaro, fought off Ray Morton's full size pickup and Steve Davis' Firebird to make it into the quarter-finals.

Radial versus the World has been hectic, with many unsuccessful passes, blown engines and one or two minor mishaps. Stevie Fast Jackson still remains the man to beat in his screw-blown hot rod, this radial prepped pro modified racer uses a Dominator ECU as well as MSD's new 600 CDI system in place of a magneto style system. With only four cars left in the field, Stevie will need to continue his string of A-B passes in order to try and take home the big prize.

Bumblebee Racing also went for a wild ride during eliminations when they attempted to rip off the parachute mount in an impressive wheel stand. Wind stacked up underneath the one-piece nose and nearly removed it, however King Bee was able to set the car down smoothly and prevent any major damage from taking place.

Limited Drag Radial (LDR) followed suit with RedLine Motorsports owner and Holley EFI dealer Matt Bell continuing his rampage of low four second passes. He met fellow Holley EFI racer Justin "Red" Martin in round two and while Martin laid down a blistering 4.10's pass, it wasn't enough to defeat Bell.

Chad Henderson in his nitrous Grand National made it through round one, but he ultimately came up short in the second round to Scott Husted's Mustang. Meanwhile, Jody Voyles who went for a wild ride in qualifying on Thursday made it into the second round of eliminations but was defeated by Jim Howe's 68 Camaro.

Ultra Street only completed one round of eliminations, in favor of letting other larger classes attempt to whittle down their numbers. Mark Rogers, who set the class record on Wednesday night, got a bye run into the second round where he will face Tony Orts' Firebird come Sunday (if the tropical storm continues to move out of the area).

Lea Ochs 78 Ford wagon uses a turbo LS combination controlled by a Holley Dominator ECU. She faced hardship in qualifying, but after two hits claimed her spot in the field. Unfortunately, her pass did not get her a seat in the second round of eliminations, losing to Rodney Ragan's Mustang.

With the rain beginning to drizzle, it was time to call an end to Friday's competition. With an incredibly exciting week for Holley EFI, MSD and Racepak racers breaking records and going rounds, spectators are sure to have an excellent show on Sunday as long as the weather cooperates.

Congratulations to all of the competitors who made the field, No Mercy is an incredibly popular event with the highest caliber of radial tire race cars in the world. Looking onto the final eliminations Sunday, you can guarantee there will be some intense and close matches to come!


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