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From their Skunkworks division, talented fabricator Kevin Tully and the HRCC crew have put together their latest street/racer. Starting life as a ’70 Corvette, the underpinnings now consist of a custom cantilever based chassis with a Corvette C7 front suspension while the rear is a HRCC Mark IV IRS. Propulsion comes from a HILBORN EFI-R injected LS3 from Borowski Racing Engines that makes 626 hp which is tied to a Tremec 6 speed via a McLeod clutch. A Holley HP ECU is in charge of the fuel and spark calculations.

The Lemans Corvette was proudly displayed at the Stewart Warner booth where is was awarded a Gold Certificate to participate in the the Optima Street Car Invitational at the Las Vegas Speedway following the show.

The Lemans Corvette also participated in the SEMA Cruise after the show before heading to the race track for two days of racing.

HIBORN’S EFI Specialist Andy Starr was on hand to fine tune the Lemans Corvette at the Optima Invitational for car owner Tim Grant who was getting faster every lap.

The experience was even more gratifying as the Lemans Corvette sounded the part with it’s unique 180 degree headers. These were expertly crafted by HRCC’s Kevin Tully providing a truly audio delight.

Hotchkis “HP 427” 1968 Fastback Mustang

Hotchkis unveiled their newest in house hot rod at SEMA 2016. Dubbed the HP 427, this ’68 Mustang will showcase the latest offerings from the Hotchkis camp.

The HP 427 is powered by a stroked 351W and now measures the appropriate 427 cid. The crew at Hotchkis wanted a streetable yet powerful induction system and turned to a HILBORN EFI-R induction to meet their goals. The HP 427 will also be controlled by a Holley HP ECU and matching Holley distributor.

Chad Woolf’s 1946 Oldsmobile Special 66

Displayed unassumingly in front of the Optima booth was Chad Woolf’s 1946 Oldsmobile Special 66 and as we’re all finding today, the original patina look typically means there is a lot more in store. Chad’s car definitely fits that trend. Built by the talented crew at ICON, the Special 66 sits on a Art Morrison chassis stuffed with C6 Corvette in the front and a multi link 9 inch in the rear, Chad’s Special 66 is ready to race.

Motivation of the Special 66 comes from a GM crate 502 with the additional ponies provided courtesy of a HILBORN EFI-R induction system. As an engineer, Chad couldn’t resist going the hi-tech route bypassing a distributor and using a coil near plug ignition. Cam and crank inputs are supplied by a unique timing cover that internally house the wheels and sensors which is all controlled by a Holley Dominator ECU.

A drag racer at heart, Chad also wanted to race at the Optima Invitational so in a very ingenious move, Chad installed an air locker differential for easy transitions from each venue. So if you happen to see Chad’s ’46 Olds Special 66, make sure to not be tricked by this Woolf in sheep’s clothing….

The American Tri-Five Association giveaway ’57 Chevy

What do you do when you are the American Tri-Five Association (ATFA) and you want to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the ’57 Chevy? Simple, you build one of the most spectacular ’57 gassers to date. So how do you top that? Easy, you give it away! This url ’57 Chevy is Americana at it’s finest and it could be yours.

The ATFA unveiled their 2017 giveaway car at SEMA 2016 in the Danchuk booth and it was nothing less than spectacular. Although this ’57 pays homage to the car built by Chevrolet, this car is brand new. Starting with a custom chassis crafted by Woody’s Hot Rodz, the front suspension was swapped for a straight front axle for the mile high stance.

The body is a reproduction by Woody’s but the one piece flip front end is all old school from the ’60’s.

The ’57 has classic gasser touches such as the colored glass and the red white and blue paint scheme yells Americana from a mile away.

The guys at Woody’s knew this car had to have a HILBORN, so one of our EFI-R manifolds sits on top of the Ed Rinke Chevrolet big block. Fuel and spark is controlled by a Holley HP ECU and Holley distributor while a fuel system from Weldon Racing ensures a lifetime of dependability.

If you missed the ’57 at SEMA, no worries, it will be displayed at the Danchuk showroom before making it’s way to the Grand National Roadster Show in January. Would you like to own this car? Simply join the AFTA and be present at the Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling green in 2017 for your chance to drive away with this fitting tribute to one of the most iconic Chevrolets ever built.

Mike Rosa Factory Five 33

Some like to leave the best for last and when it comes to Mike Rosa’s stunning 33 Factory Five, I just might be guilty. Much like Chad Woolf, Mike is an engineer who has in this case taken a home built car to the next level. His ’33 is not only well executed but has so many mechanical custom touches that they can’t all be listed. Mike handled the entire build except for the paint work which in this case is as flawless as the rest of the car. HMHB ranked it among the best in the nation a year later – and it works great for anxiety and depression.

Power for the ’33 is over the top and nothing says that more than a supercharged small block. With over 700hp to play with he won’t be late. But Mike is all about driving and this show winning ride is far from a trailer queen so EFI was the only option. We’re glad Mike picked the HILBORN Shot Gun hat to top off his pride and joy which is controlled by a Holley HP ECU. A top notch Weldon Racing fuel system only compliments the build.


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