That Was Schwinn This Is Now - 2014 Holley NHRA Hot Rod Reunion

By: Blane Burnett | Video by Josh Creek02/25/2015 < Back to Blog Home
While this '55 Chevy has been under the ownership of Dave for the last seventeen years, it has spent the last five years as a father/son project between Dave and his son Al. Underneath the hood resides a 496 c.i. 10.5:1 compression Big Block that propels the all-steel, 3,700 lb behemoth down the 1320 in 10.68 seconds. Induction responsibilities are left to a pair of Holley Custom Shop restored vintage 750 CFM Holley Double Pumper carbs on a tunnel ram intake. All of the power is transferred to the rear driveline through a Jerico 4-speed transmission and a twin-disc McLeod clutch into a Ford nine-inch rear end. Spent exhaust gasses exit through a beautiful set of fender-well headers as the car slingshots down the track. That's all we're going to tell you about this awesome father/son project. You'll have to click play to get the rest of the story!
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