The Accel SuperTuner

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 06/13/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

What if i told that you that you could add 80 to even 130 hp to your vehicle and never gets your hands dirty?

Accel’s Revolutionary Super-Tuner is a single-touch handheld tuner that reprograms your vehicle for more horsepower and increased torque throughout the entire rpm range! It also doubles as a diagnostic tool allowing you to read and clear vehicle trouble codes. It even provides explanations for the codes that you’ve found.

ACCEL’s Super-Tuner works on vehicles 1999 and up, from manufactures like GM, Ford, Dodge, Jeep and Ram all with just a single hand-held unit. Our tuner optimizes the tune in your gasoline proven gains of 86 HP and 93 lb-ft TQ  or diesel 136 HP and 243 lb-ft of TQ engine for the best performance and maximum fuel efficiency. The super-Tuner gives you full control of your engines active fuel management, and allows you to adjust your transmission’s shift points, as well as protecting your engine with rev limiters. It also lets you make corrections for changes in tire size, and compensate for different axle gear ratios. Make improvements to your vehicle's transmission as well as fine tune the shift points and shift firmness all from the handheld unit.   

The Accel Super-Tuner is a full color 2.8 inch High Definition touch-screen featuring increased memory and a faster processor to improve tuning capabilities. You can even download and store your settings before uploading a new power tune, just in case you wanted to revert back to the previous tune. It’s easy to use and the PC software allows you to perform quick updates directly from the internet. And best of all it’s 50 state legal.

Who knew adding horsepower to your ride could be so easy!?

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