The Original Bigfoot #1 at Holley Ford Festival

By: Josh Creek10/01/2019 < Back to Blog Home

I drive the semi, I drive the truck, and I'm also the mechanic that works on the truck, so if I tear it up I've got to be able to fix it.

This is the original number one, this is the one that started the whole Monster Truck industry.

I drive the number one, number five, which is the ten-foot-tall tire truck, we have an electric Monster Truck, I drive that one, occasionally I'll drive one of the other ones but as a rule, just those three.

I've been there about 18 years now, I started out as a fabricator and you slowly work your way up, they were a little short-handed one day and they said hey, do you want to go do this display with the truck and I'm like yeah, sure, I'll go do it and I started doing that and ended up being more and more and more and now I'm pretty much full time.

I drive these things all over the country doing shows and car crushes and parades, whatever they need me to do. There are nine trucks that we run all the time, I think we have seven drivers, most weekends 5-6 trucks go out every week.

We noticed that it's just you, there's no crew with you or anybody that travels. Yeah no, the only time that I take crew is when I take number five out, it has to be two people to tire it up and down because the tires are 2,500 pounds apiece. This one I can do all by myself. Sometimes it's a little rough depending on the terrain or whatever but you get it done.

You drive the Semi, you drive the truck, and you're also the mechanic that works on the truck, so if you tear it up you've got to be able to fix it.

I might do a three-day show if I break it the first day its got to be running the next day so you've got to fix it too.

Yeah I run over cars, occasionally tear a few things up, try not to but it happens.

This engine is a 5.14 Ford, it originally had a 640 inch Hemi in it, we took that out because we're running out of parts to keep it running and the historic value of it, we don't want to blow it up. We have two really nice Holleys on it, they work great on the truck. The Ford, the old engine had three carburetors on it, nitrous, and it was just a nightmare, a lot of maintenance to keep it running.

It's one of the two that run gas still, our other trucks run alcohol. Yeah it's been around awhile, it is the original paint on the truck, we keep it as original as we can, it looks a little rough because it's 40 plus years old now so it's showing it's age but you really can't paint it at this point because of what it is.

Do you have a favorite Bigfoot truck? I like number five just because I drive it a lot and it's so unusual because it's so big and the truck is 15 feet tall and weighs 28,000 pounds, there isn't anything it won't run over. I like this truck, this truck is really cool because it is the first one and even the electric truck, it's different, it's quiet, and it makes a lot of noise when you hit things that you don't normally here.

Yeah, I have several Fords, I'm a Ford guy even though I do have one Chevy but we all have our bad points.

This is my first time here, this is great, I can't believe this place, how many cars are here just to do this, but it's a pleasure to be here.