Twin Turbo Toyota Hilux - Cleetus and Cars at LS Fest West

By: Ray Frescas | 05/16/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

This is my second time back at LS Fest West and this time back we've got another turbo and we've got a few more inches displacement, so we're twin turbo now with a six-liter. We've got a custom ground camshaft, Holley high rise, performance intercooler, air-water, nine-gallon reservoir tank and we are making 1100 horsepower on pump gas. I mean, if one turbo is good, two turbos are way better. It's an animal, like this truck is a lot of fun and I am so glad to be back. Yeah, I mean this thing is a double death wish right here.

I started this trip in New Hampshire, I drove down to Dallas, I was hoping to visit my friends, Emily and Aaron, I dropped off a turbocharged 5.3, continued on to LA, got in a 1966 Chevrolet C-10 pickup, I got that running with a straight 6. We drove it all the way back to Dallas, and did a turbo LS swap and an MB3500 five-speed overdrive manual transmission. Drove it back to LA and then cannonballed all the way here to LS Fest West in Vegas, that was 7000 miles of full build in four weeks. That's dedication.

Yeah so last year it was pretty sick but we now got rid of the leaf springs that had all kinds of axle wrap, we put some ladder bars in it with adjustable coil overs, we put a 22-gallon fuel cell because I still don't have a damn gauge in this thing so now it can go like three hours between fuel stops, I judge my fuel stops on time instead of distance because I don't have an odometer.

I am rarely home. Honestly, my mission is to expose the kindness in America, the kindness of strangers is far greater than you would ever be lead to believe and you know I live on the road and often times rely solely on the kindness of strangers and it is heartwarming, and I just want everybody to be able to experience that at some level so my mission is just to expose good people because most people are good and want to help be a part of something greater than themselves and that's really what all of this is.

That's the whole mission if you watched the first video you'd know that every time that I break down and am restored by the kindness of a stranger that expects nothing in return,

they sign the truck, I'm running out of room, but I'm still not stopping the mission, we'll probably end up taking over the whole roof because this thing blows.

I've needed to replace a crank and rods in Pheonix on the way here so this thing never stops.

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