Which Cars Should Be Brought Back from the Dead

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Which Cars Should Be Brought Back from the Dead

10 min read
Let's face it, this country is going through a zombie craze. Everyone is capitalizing off of the fad of zombie movies, zombie TV shows, and zombie survival kits. Well, it's October and with Halloween coming up, we're going to delve into a different kind of zombie story. Which car would you want to bring back from the dead? You might think that sounds silly but think about it, there are a long list of cars that have been resurrected: Charger, Challenger, Camaro, Fiesta, Impala, etc. While some of our choices are by brands no longer in business, with popular demand these days anything is possible. Take a look at what we came up with around the office. Chevy Chevelle

Chevy Chevelle

To say we have a few Chevelle lovers here would be a bit of an understatement. But if the Chevelle ever comes back, we don't want something that is somewhat similar to a Chevelle, we want a high performance machine with a Don Yenko flavor. Yenko never settled for anything less than the performance that he wanted, just one of the many qualities that made him a great innovator. So, the GM designers should always keep this mantra: what would Yenko do? Studebaker Golden Hawk

Studebaker Golden Hawk

A Studebaker might take a little more work. The brand has been defunct since 1967, but its general products division landed in the hands of AM General after a few acquisitions. We'll Google their mailing address later to start the letter writing campaign. The Golden Hawk was mid-50s two-door pillarless hardtop coupe with a pointed nose and nearly vertical large grille. This was a performance machine in its day so we would expect the same if it was brought back, and don't forget the tailfins. Shelby Daytona

Shelby Daytona

We lost the great Carroll Shelby earlier this year. During his lifetime he gave the world some of the greatest car designs ever. We love the Shelby Daytona, especially the "missing prototype" CSX2287 Daytona Coupe, a closed coupe Cobra. This was a car built for racing that racked up plenty of international and national land speed records and grand prix wins. You can actually pick up a Shelby Daytona from Shelby American here. But what would a 2013 model of a Daytona look like? Detomaso Pantera

Ford/DeTomaso Pantera

Ford began importing the DeTomaso Pantera in the early 70s and had some issues with the earliest models. Elvis Presley even famously fired a gun at his Pantera after it wouldn't start. It would be nice to see Ford bring out a revitalized Pantera or something similar with a sleek look and lower profile height than their Mustang. Tucker Sedan

Tucker Sedan

This one might be a bit out there. The Tucker Sedan was only produced in 1947-48 and only 51 cars were made. The heavy and innovative sedan ran into trouble during its world premiere which, along with SEC investigations, caused the downfall of the Tucker Corporation. The car itself though, was way ahead of its time. It featured a directional third headlight that activated while making turns to light the way around corners. The engine and transmission wear mounted in a way that allowed for the entire drivetrain to be lowered and removed from the car in minutes. Safety features included a built-in roll bar, steering box behind the front axle, padded dash and shatterproof glass.


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