3 Letters, 2 Seats: Respect the AMX

By: Sean B. | 01/10/2013 < Back to Motor Life Home
Do you have respect for the AMC AMX? You probably should. This muscled-up mutant of a sports car could handle the curves and really move off the line. AMX stood for American Motors eXperimental, and we think American Motors Corporation made the right choice not to go with AME, it doesn't sound as cool. Something that does sound cool though, is a big 390 engine in a 2-seater that was stock rated for 420 hp in the '69 SS model. This was a machine that could hold it's own against the big 3 and was far more affordable than the Corvette. 5-time World Land Speed Record holder Craig Breedlove sure had some fun in an AMX. Just before the car debuted, him and his team racked up 106 certified speed and endurance records for cars with under 488 cu in displacement and 14 that would be records in any car. After the debut, Breedlove took his modified AMXs to Bonneville and "unofficially" reached over 200 mph. Breedlove's AMX 390 was bored out to a 397 and equipped with a racing camshaft, exhaust headers, a high rise intake and larger carburetor. The suspension system got a big upgrade with traction control arms, better shocks and a panhard bar. Lakewood can help you upgrade your suspension system with the most accurate and consistent drag shocks on the market. Pete's Patriot

Pete's Patriot

source Breedlove's wasn't the only legendary AMX on the track. You might remember Pete's Patriot AKA Hurst SS/AMX #39. We tracked down the '69 Division 5 Super Stock champion car that has been restored with a Mallory dual point distributor and a Lakewood bellhousing. You can get more information on the AMC Factory Super Stock drag racing program on
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