Born That Way - 1964 Barracuda Valiant - Holley Hot Rod Reunion

By: Josh Creek | 04/12/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

"It was born this way." Phillip Huff says of his 1964 Barracuda Valiant. "Black with gold interior. Every piece of trim was original, but I put a fender on it here and a lot of work. The interior is not original. It's custom but close to the original. That's all I could afford at the time." 

The 273 engine in Phillip's 1964 Barracuda, however, is original. "I put flat tappets and hydraulic lifters in it. It's a little smoother and a little better to drive. My wife drives it a lot. She drives it to car shows and different things. I pulled it out of a barn and that's the God's honest truth." 

Phillip says it took him about seven or eight years to get all the drivetrain and everything like he wanted it. "I had it on the road before I got everything else done to it. It's just a pleasure to drive, it drives so well. I did modify and install disc brakes on the front and put in a bigger rear end for that 360 that I had in it. That was all Holley equipped thank you!" 

Phillip says he's been coming to the Hot Rod Reunion for about 12 years. "I've got two sons that live here, we live in Owensboro, Kentucky. Yeah, it's a little hop, skip, and a jump, but it's awesome, it's fun, and it's a fun car.

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