Holley EFI Powers this Carbon Bodied Datsun 240Z!

Author: Skylar Drake | 09/16/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

2019 has been a busy year for Shawn Bassett who recently finished this Datsun 240Z build and has been dragging it to events all across the United States. What started life as a ratty Craigslist find has been transformed into a time-attack prepared ripper complete with a slew of trick suspension/chassis components, a 5.3L LS mated to a Tremec T-56 and full carbon fiber treatment (the only sheet-metal panels remaining are the door sills and bulkhead). We had a chance to get a closer look at this one-off piece during GridLife and see what components power it!

The LS platform is known for its great reliability and performance and Shawn decided to keep it modest with valve-train upgrades and other bolt-on goodies. On top, we find an MSD Atomic AirForce intake manifold and fuel rails holding Holley EFI injectors. A Dominator EFI ECU takes the reigns on all fueling and ignition, controlling a GM Drive-by-Wire throttle body and tying into a slew of sensor data including a G-meter mounted inside for more in-depth tuning and data-logging. A Holley 12.3” Pro Dash displays all of the important vitals for Shawn to monitor while out on the track and also gives him the ability to make tuning changes on the fly while in the pit-lane.

Level 7 Motorsports out of Marion, IL helped with the electrical side of things relying on Racepak's Smartwire Power Distribution Module to control all of the circuitry and eliminate the factory wiring and any troublesome relays. Utilizing their add-on switch module, Shawn can control all of his cooling system and accessories through toggle switches mounted center cabin. Inside there are other details like the fire-suppression system and the insane amount of cage work that will help keep Bassett safe while exploring the limits of adhesion.

Shawn is getting comfortable with the car this season and does have intentions of going to a power-adder in the future. For now, he is competing in the Global Time Attack series but has his sights set on a run up Pike's Peak after getting some more seat time. We want to congratulate Shawn on finishing this build and wish him the best of luck this season!

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