Pro Dash firmware update adds additional inputs to Holley ECU's!

10 min read

Pro Dash firmware update adds additional inputs to Holley ECU's!

10 min read

The latest Pro Dash firmware update (5.0 Build 49) uses a single firmware version for both the 6.86” (PN 553-112) and 12.3” (PN 553-111) Pro Dashes. It gives Holley EFI users the ability to use the first thirteen dash inputs (IO 1 - IO 13) actively within their HP or Dominator ECU via CANbus. Users must upgrade to V5 Build 130 or greater to take advantage of this awesome new feature.

Another feature of this new update includes compatibility with Terminator X ECU's and Sniper EFI throttle body systems! This allows you to display channel information from your Terminator X or Sniper system onto the display.

In the clip above, we see the basic run-through of adding a Dash input. Here is a brief summary:

-Open your existing global file.

-Add the Input/Output Configuration File (if not already installed).

-Create a new input, ex. "Dash Input", "Fuel Pressure", "Oil Pressure", etc.

-Enable the new input, set its type to CAN.

-Click "Configure".

Inside of the Configuration Menu:

-Select your CAN device, Inputs 1-8 are under Pro Dash Inputs A. Inputs 9-13 are under Pro Dash Inputs B.

-Select the hardwired input under CAN channel. In this example, we chose input #1.

-Determine which CANBUS port you are using on your main harness, (HP ECU's will default to CAN BUS 1).

-Enter your CAN Serial, (Dash serial). This can be found by going to "Configuration" and "About" under your Dash menu.

-Enter which Type of sensor you are using, in this example we chose a 554-102 100 psi pressure transducer.

-Click "Back" to save your new input!

Using this input elsewhere in the software: These dash inputs are considered a SENSOR INPUT no matter how they are configured in the dash. If configured as a switched input in the dash, they are still treated as a sensor input in the EFI software. 

**Note that due to the fact these inputs are on the CANbus, they may not react within a few milliseconds. If you are expecting an input to react within .005 seconds for example, it would be best to use an input directly wired to ECU.**

For more information on the setup process, as well as instructions for setting up a table utilizing a Dash input, check out the Pro Dash Firmware Overview.

The new Firmware update can be located under the Support section of our website, linked HERE.


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