Holley LS Single Plane Mid-Rise Intake Manifold

By: Dan S | 05/13/2014 < Back to Motor Life Home
High-performance LS engines can take advantage of the optimized runner layout and broad torque-curve created by Holley's LS Single Plane Intake Manifold. Available for LS engines with rectangular or cathedral port cylinder head configurations, Holley's Single Plane Mid-Rise intake has a power band ranging from 2500 through 7,000 rpms with a square bore mounting flange that can be used with either a four-barrel carburetor or EFI throttle body with throttle bores measuring up to 1.75-inch diameter. The intake's runner layout and cross-sectional area also provide a broad torque curve, and is cast from high-quality aluminum with consistent wall thckness for balanced performance and sealing strength. The Holley LS Single Plane Intake Manifold is lightweight, and offers the lowest carb mounting flange height possible, allowing for better hood clearance, but without sacrificing any power. Four part numbers are available; two for carbureted applications and two that are machined for port fuel injection EFI systems. The intake includes mounting bolts, washers, mounting flange gasket kit, and pipe plugs to install manifold vacuum and MAP sensors.
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