Import Vehicles

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If your fuel injected import vehicle fails to start or the tachometer reads erratically, you will need an MSD Tach Adapter PN 8910. If the PN 8910 is installed and you have spark but the vehicle will still not run, you will need a special Tach Adapter. Contact MSD Tech for the correct Adapter.

In some instances, after installing an MSD Ignition control unit on an import vehicle may result in a no-start situation or a erratic tach. Depending on which MSD Ignition was installed on the vehicle a tach adapter will be required to remedy the situation.

A no-start situation may result from a smart ECU not sensing coil current as a result not energizing the Fuel pump. The 8912 tach adapter will develop an artificial coil current to sadisfy the Smart ECU’s requirement to energize the Fuel pump again.

An erratic tach or non working tach is a result of the factory wire being removed from the coil -. The adapter will also develop a tach signal to satisfy the tach again.

If a DIS controller was installed, a PN 8912 will be required.

Installation to an MSD DIS-4 using Three Channels

Installation to an MSD DIS-4 Ignition using Four Channels. If a 6 series, 7 series, or SCI ignition was installed, a PN 8910-EIS will be required.

Wiring the Tach Adapter PN 8910 EIS